St. Ives Invigorating Apricot Scrub

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  1. definately one of the BEST scrubs ive used and ive tried high end to low end. st ives has quality over price . they say that the beads in the scrub is uneven and rough. . . but thats a good thing! dead skin cells need to be scrubbed off! definately will always be in my bathroom!
  2. I know people say this stuff is awful for your skin, but I love it. I have sensitive skin and it helps keep my face so soft and smooth. I've tried other scrubs but this one is my favorite.
  3. I have been using this for years and I love it :P Works for both my face and body
  4. love it. i used to use it back in high school because my friend had it in her shower one time when i slept over. had no clue what it was lol i used to just use it because i thought it was cool and "grown up" hahahahha

    i forgot how much i loved it and bought a little travel size the other day. fell in love all over again!!! went out and bought the big size.
  5. Agreed! I use a dime-size dollop of this everytime I shower!
  6. i have this. you can tell it exfoliates but i just don't notice a difference. i mix with some clean & clear or cephatil but my face still looks the same after i exfoliate. it feels like it's working but i can't see a true difference.
  7. This has been one of my favorites for a long time. It also keeps the feet, knees and elbows nice and smooth too.
  8. I use this every single day on my face! Never thought about a body scrub but that sounds nice!!
  9. I use the green tea scrub mixed with Neutragena acne face wash 3 times a week and the apricot scrub on my legs and arms twice a week. Love the stuff!
  10. I am another fan of this stuff! I only use it once a week and it makes such a difference in my skin.
  11. LOVE this stuff and I've used it since jr. high. I just purchased a Clairisonic so it's been sitting on shelf since but I'll never be without just in case :smile:
  12. I use to use St. Ives and the I graduated to Laura Mercier Flawless Skin Face Polish but it's $30 for 3.4 oz now, think I need to go back to the St. Ives
  13. i read that this is not good for your skin because it is too rough, but i can't stop using it! i've gotten better results using it with my clarisonic system.
  14. Been using it on and off since Jr. High and I still think it's my favorite! Makes my skin feel baby soft!
  15. Definitely LOVE St. Ives! Started using it in high school, and recently rediscovered it. Though now I save it for a weekly at home microderm type treat...