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  1. Hi!
    Welcome to the Chanel Resource Center!:yahoo:

    This sub-Forum is for reference only, please start a new thread in the Chanel Forum about anything you may want to comment on or have a questions about.

    Any chatting or posts w/o photos will be removed, this makes it the easier for people who are actually using this Reference Forum as it was intended.

    If you have any questions about this sub-Forum, you can ask here!
  2. Thanks, Swanky. This is a great organizing tool!
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  3. Thanks!

    I hope everyone comes in and posts.
    I can't go back to the Forum and merge all of our great photo threads because of the order the merge tool works.
    It merges w/ the oldest post first. . . :sad:
  4. :hysteric::hysteric::hysteric:
  5. is there a problem?
  6. Thank you sooo much, it's a wonderful idea and so useful for a newbie like me :tender::heart:
  7. You're welcome! Isn't this an amazing resource!?
  8. I think it's the only please on the web where you can see Chanel bags and get a lot of infos - that's totally helpful and appreciated, thanks again :smile:
  9. Where are the pictures???? :shrugs:
  10. swanky, do u think we can make a chanel style reference thread that includes each chanel style with the complete formal name, sizing and colour available, also maybe the year it was produced?

    but oly 1 pic of each style, so it would be like a bible, and for people like who's stupid enough of not knowing which is a 2.55 and the difference between flap and classic flap won't have to ask questions over and over again about which is which.

    thanks :P
  11. if someone wants to do that and submit it to me, great!
  12. Swanky, what about a thread that has photos of the different Chanel styles all in one thread, for reference. I'd love to see the different styles all together to compare instead of going to a diff. thread at a time. I think other designers forums have something like that. Thanks.
  13. I think that's what seahorse suggested{?} or similar.
    Chanel makes dozens and dozens of bags every season, there would be several hundred bags easily.
    I don't have time to do that personally.
  14. Thanks for the reply. I'm new to "handbag obsession" land (I say that with much love). I'm trying to learn more so I can hone in on my tastes. I thought LV had gazillions of new styles and Chanel was simpler and had fewer styles. In June I'm going to some Chanel event and I guess it will help me to see everything again since I bought my black flap. I want a summer bag or summer color. Should be fun.
  15. it's a common misconception that Chanel doesn't have a really big selection, but they have a bigger selection than any other designer I know.
    There's a TON of bags that aren't really mainstream so they aren't as noticeable possibly.
    In additional to the dozens of different lignes, each ligne comes w/ 2-5 different styles/sizes and then there's the different colors as well.