Spy shoes in black??

  1. Hi!
    Ok so I just have one question.

    Do spy shoes come in black?

    I really want a pair but we don't have a fendi boutique here in NZ so I cant check. There is a little store at DFS but when iIasked about the spy bag - they didn't even know what that was because they don't stock it.

    Any info would be greatly appreciated! IF anyone has pics please share :biggrin:

    Thanks :biggrin::biggrin:
  2. I was told they only came in the blueberry. Bluefly has them on sale if they have any left. I would love a black pair also they are :tup:
  3. I was told they come in blueberry but I have seen them in chocolate or cognac (not sure which one but I think it's the former which is the darker of the 2 browns) on styledrops. Here is the link.

  4. kav are these shoes true to size. I usually wear a 8.5 or sometimes a 9. Is styledrops legit?
  5. Styledrops is Legit, and I found the shoes run true to size. I also seem to recall Selfridges telling me they come in black. Try giving Selfridges a ring they post worldwide.
  6. Thanks so much guys! I want some black ones to match with my spy :biggrin:
  7. Fendi is true to size, I always wear the same size.
  8. I think they do came in all colors...because I have the denim stripe spy shoes:yahoo: that goes with my spy!
  9. ahh.... the chocolate is sooo pretty!
  10. These are the ones I just ordered in Blue from Bluefly! They are on their way now. I didn't realize they were spy shoes. They would look awesome in black too!
  11. Congrats on the shoes. I was so tempted to get the blue at Bluefly. Pictures please when you get them. melopuff did you find some black ones?
  12. Yes, I'll post a pic. I noticed a few members here have the same shoes. I was checking out the thread of members with their fendi shoes/bags where I first saw them and absolutly loved them with the BB baby spy. A few days later they were on Bluefly. Seems the blue baby spy is a lot harder to find?
  13. Try calling around. I think you should be able to find one. Hope you do, I'm trying to resist temptation myself. ;)
  14. Yes, I'm supposed to be cooling it with spending - its very hard. I'm hoping the package will arrive with hubby out :supacool:
  15. Lol, tell me about it!