spy bag - out of style??

  1. Have to say I love love love my black Fendi Spy bag I bought it when a savings account matured and never regretted I use her regularly and just because a celebrity isn't wearing it anymore wouldn't turn me off yes there is no internal pocket but there is the internal coin pouch on the flap that I usually put my phone or coin purse in so they are to hand easy I have mine about 5 years now and the leather just gets softer and softer other bags I have bought I let go that were a similar price namely Mulberry Annie so regretted that purchase but this one I know I never will.
  2. Well said Handbagmad! Just because celebrities don't wear it any more the bag doesn't go out of style. Celebs are often given the bags and are often paid to wear it, so fashion houses can promote the latest collections.
    I love my baby Spy in mauve which I bought in Paris in 2007. It's beautiful and it's a collectible bag that I'm happy to wear on particular occasions.

  3. Reviving this thread! I have a mauve spy bag purchased ages ago. Was cleaning out my closet this weekend and remembered how awesome it was. Would I get weird looks in New York carrying it now? And does it matter either way??
  4. I still carry my spy bags in rotation with other bags....!!
    While it may not be immediately recognized by style, it is still beautiful & will be admired just for its looks & beauty.

    Plus I think its really cool when ladies wear an older seasons classic bag, it gives their look a lift, to choose a beautiful bag that is not one everyone else is wearing.

  5. New to the forum and can barely figure out how to do anything here, so hopefully this posts (I know bags, not blogs, ha).

    I agree with the majority of the posts. The Spy is adorable, rich in texture and long on style. Love it, hope to carry it for a long time.

    There was one poster that asked if they were bringing it back. Don't know. The Fendi store in Houston (referenced in another post) tells me the bag was mfr'd from 2006-2012. They made three models all 6 years: the all-black and all-brown leather bags, and the Zucca print with brown (cognac) leather and Tortuga trim and handles. Still love it.

    Here's a honey-colored one on TheRealReal. At $795 with lots of wear at the corners.
  6. Being brand new to this forum - I am aware of this reply being very old. However - I think this question deserves some further scrutiny from a little broader perspective. First -- good design is good design. Period. The Fendi Spy is amazing design without question. Second -- you really need to ask yourself if this bag (or whatever item you are considering - bag, shoes, dress etc.) fits well into your overall sphere of personal style (assuming you have taken the time to truly contemplate what your personal style is --- many don't). If you are in the affirmative on both of these questions - what more is there to ask? The ability to listen to your inner voice is beyond critical in all questions sartorial.

    As for my experience with the Spy bag specifically, I recently bought my first two. After an exhaustive search, a significant amount of research (verifying authenticity) and some creative budgeting - I was able to find the perfect fit (on both). Both bags were previously owned and I felt confident I was purchasing items that were well cared for by their previous owners. Both are in immaculate condition and were purchased for a very fair price. Having mused my first two questions above at length - the Spy is a harmonious addition to my sphere of personal style. They're just gorgeous. Period.

    Oh -- and one last thing.... I love them, and that is all that matters.
  7. That's all that matters!