spy bag - out of style??

  1. I am a big fan too-still have my Petrol, Cherry, Emerald and a Baby Taupe with purple handles. To me, this bag will always be "in style".
  2. I was rearranging some things in my closet the other day and took my spy out of her dust bag and wondered the same thing, is the spy bag out of style? Then I thought, who cares!
    It's a very pretty bag. It's a fun bag and I've always enjoyed carrying it. The Spy is definitely iconic Fendi and imo, still in style.
  3. It's a gorgeous bag--I think it will always be in style!
  4. IMHO I think it is a classic and timeless piece that will withstand the test of time. Good luck!
  5. True beauty never gets out of style, I love my spy.
  6. Forever classic - !!!
  7. As someone that doesn't own a spy bag do I guess unbiased opinion is that it
  8. Sorry touched "send" by accident!
    I was saying that I don't own a spy bag but recall wanting one very much way back when all the celebrities were carrying one. I think it was too popular/trendy for its own good. Sorry ladies! I would vote against the bag right now. Maybe it will make a retro return one day!
  9. I love the spy bag, timeless bag for sure.
  10. This bag will always be my favorite bag. It's my go to bag for everything! I own a lot of other designers (and their bags are great) but I think there is something very classy and unique about the spy. Is it as popular as it once was, no. But it's definitely not out of style either. I have a cognac spy, a crepe de chine spy, and a purple baby spy. Some day I want to add the taupe acacia spy, the honey wisteria spy, and the large lilac spy. Let us know if and when you decide to purchase one! I wanna see pics!
  11. Of you like it you like it, but unfortunately I feel like this bag is more trendy than classic. Just my opinion :smile:
  12. I am really in love with metallic gold spy bag now. Where can I get one?
  13. The Spy is a classic, the Limited edition ones are a work of art, their is not any other bags that are like the LE ones. I had a load of them then sold them, which as most people who do this regret, then you have the problem of trying to find your favourites again, like the one I have in my photo. So anyone with one of these beautiful bags sould hang on to them.