Spring Summer 2017

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  1. *looks at pink ipod, rose gold phone, hot pink phone case, different shade hot pink water bottle, and another shade of pink on my wallet*

    No idea the psychology behind it either, but it's pretty much a "here take my money" situation when I see it.
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  2. Does anyone have info about these scarves? Are they new collection? I really love the trunk flower shawl! IMG_1500756598.512753.jpg IMG_1500756628.896155.jpg
  3. I have the trunk flower shawl. It is so much prettier IRL than as it appears on the website! IMG_1500763138.227849.jpg
  4. That's absolutely beautiful! Thank you for sharing this shawl, PamK!
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  5. Thank you so much! Waiting for a little cooler weather to christen it![emoji4]
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  6. Has anyone heard about the waitlist for the pochette metis in reverse? I am looking to purchase and it is sold out almost everywhere.
  7. Omg! This is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing!
  8. Thank you very much! [emoji1]
  9. Absolutely stunning! Thanks for posting the pic. That's certainly one to covet. Enjoy!
  10. Check out the Pochette Metis Club thread. They usually post when the website has a couple in stock. If you stalk the website you'll get lucky eventually!
  11. Thank you, miss_chiff! [emoji4]
  12. It is all about supply and demand... If they make pink us "pink ladies" will buy [emoji177]

    I love pink...will continue to buy pink...can't live without pink....
    there can NEVER be enough pink in this world.

    I got mine today, and SA told me the supply on this Emilie Blooming Flowers wallet is already tense a few hours into the release.

    (PS: I IMG_1501272948.271436.jpg IMG_1501273007.444855.jpg am certain I will get lots of likes)...
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  13. You "pink ladies" all can have your pink.

    But it would be nice to have options for the rest of us. There are other beautiful colors in the world, LV should choose a couple more color options.

    That flower would be gorgeous in purple. Or the saffron yellow. Even a crazy orange.

    Options are always nice.
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  14. Gorgeous. Thanks for sharing!
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  15. LOVE this wallet!
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