Spring Summer 2017

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  1. Congrats! And yes! i also love pink, and pink with flowers is even better... pink pink love it
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  2. Thanks for sharing these pics! :tup: I think I'm changing my mind about the new Montsouris backpack. The base looks stiff and structured, which is what I prefer. I'm still missing the vachetta base on the original design but this looks more contemporary. I'm also loving the new colourway for the Tuileries line. It looks less "pop".
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  3. Thank goodness for my amazing TPF family! I was just at LV looking to buy this CP and they tried to tell me it didn't exist!!!

    I saw it in person in Las Vegas but decided to wait to get it in NJ (lower tax). They kept saying that there was no such item and I remembered seeing it on this thread and was able to give them the item # so they could order it for me.
  4. Haha when the epi speedy came out earlier this year I called LV to buy one and the guy said to me "That bag has been discontinued for years". I said, "No, it's been re-released" and when he checked and realized it was he said, ""WTH they didn't tell me that in my meeting Monday!". He then put me on a one month waitlist. I decided to go to the boutique and purchased it that night lol.
  5. They really need to get on the same page!!! [emoji23]
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  6. Yes they do LOL. I've learned the hard way to look to TPF for any info I need. SAs are always extremely polite and I've always loved that about LV, but I never buy anything without looking into it on TPF first.
  7. Very true and great advice!! [emoji106]
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  8. TpF has more information and sooner than most SAs and all YTers so I look here first. I know that there are a few of the aforementioned that get their information here before presenting on the next video ;)
  9. That's weird since all this info was found on the website. I open multiple tabs and load the different countries on LV and browse the selections.

    Congrats on your CP (and your lower tax!). :tup: Can't wait to see it. I'm on the market for a proper cosmetic pouch. :biggrin:
  10. I know it's so strange that they didn't even know this item existed, and I only pushed because I saw it in person. Thanks for doing all that searching, I am truly grateful!

    This is my second cosmetics pouch, I use my other one almost daily to store small things inside my purse:

  11. What's this called?and how much? It looks beautiful!
  12. I'll have to check my receipts but I don't believe she's available anymore, I just looked up my Reveal post on it and the product code is M61477.
  13. It looks like the cosmetic pouch from the leather accessories line they released a few seasons ago. There was a lipstick case as well.
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  14. I didn't get a chance to look at my receipts but I think it was called the pochette rivets...
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  15. #4395 Aug 9, 2017
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    It's definitely from the 2015 Rivets collection. :smile:
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