Spitting angry right now....Rarhhhhhh!

  1. Many of you know I was upset I had purchased a LV speedy bag see:

    eBay: AUTHENTIC LOUIS VUITTON BLUE EPI SPEEDY 30 PURSE BAG (item 300036149453 end time Oct-08-06 09:41:19 PDT)

    Then she stated had to leave town for whatever and refunded $. I e-mailed stating I still wanted the bag...no response.

    Now this:eBay: 100% AUTH LOUIS VUITTON BLUE EPI SPEEDY 30 mypoupette (item 250041330426 end time Oct-28-06 02:27:52 PDT)

    She wanted more $......:cursing: :cursing: :cursing:

    I have turned this person in. I am so mad right now I could just spit.:cursing: What is going on with people's morals and ethics?
  2. oh my gosh..thats horrible. :/
  3. I know! I sent her a nasty e-mail telling her I was turning her in.:yahoo:
  4. Yeah, let eBay know and remember to keep all the emails that she sent you! That's so unfair! I hate people like that...
  5. You did the right thing! The seller has been dishonest and deserves it.
  6. Did she change her eBay seller ID too? I love eBay, but it's getting to be more like the "Wild, Wild West" in terms of ethical sellers and following the rules. I wonder if the whole thing has grown too big to be policed?
  7. My only concern is that~ could she enter a chargback on the refund? Oh- well ....she needed to be outed....:yes:
  8. Not just eBay, but MyPoupette as well.
  9. You are right! I am contacting them immediately.:yes:
  10. Oh my, how shameful to do such thing... GREEDY!!! I hope Ebay suspends her account for good!

  11. I think she set up another account~ That way she can sell under 2 people....and get away with it.:cursing:
  12. So the new listing just got removed by eBay?
  13. Maybe...but either way e-bay will have to check it out. I don't know how one goes about copying all the pics? and the description...that seems stupid to me.
  14. Yeah...the new listing's gone
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