Spin off from criticism poll. Anyone wants to nudge me towards my dream purse?

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  1. With the exception of my sister (who gave me my first LV) I think my family secretly disapproves of me spending so much money on my Speedy B. I feel really guilty when I am around them because I'm the youngest and they all used to take care of me. My husband and I are not rich by any means but we live comfortably. He is in the military and I am a SAHM. But I get paid to go to college because I used to be in the military, too.

    With my in-laws I used to tell them that my LVs are fake and I had planned on telling my sisters that my newer LVs are fakes. But, I'm starting to not care so much about what everyone thinks. I have no other expensive habits. I don't smoke, drink alcohol, go out to parties/clubs or go to starbucks everyday. I don't even get my nails done or hair colored. I think I get a haircut four times a year. I have about only 15 pairs of shoes and I shop mostly at Anthro and usually only the sale section. My only other major expense is food because I'm a foodie and I'm into organic/natural.

    Right now, all I do is take college courses and take care of my family. I feel a little sad to say this: but, besides my family, browsing for and buying the occasional handbag is my hobby and source of joy. My husband wants to buy me an Artsy Empreinte but somehow I still feel really guilty spending the money on it and the judgment that I am going to get from my family. Bless his heart, he is even telling me "Think about it as an investment. You could just sell it later if you get tired of it".

    Thanks for at least letting me get this frustration off my chest. :rain:I feel like this board is the only place where people can understand this.

    So, should I do it? I'm torn between the Havane or new Black color.
  2. I believe you should do it! And do it soon, before the price increase on Sat. My husband is the only person who tells me the same exact thing as yours "Think of it as an investment." Really, you do not need an approval from anyone else. I am like you, I do my own nails, smoke, no Starbucks, don't spend money on expensive clothes (I like labels but I am "gifted" to find them for a lot less.) I do love shoes and bags. And that is what I buy.

    Buy what makes you happy, especially, if your hubby wants you to buy it as well.
  3. Who cares what they think!! It makes me so angry when people think they have a say in how you choose to live your life and your spending habits.

    I say forget them and be HAPPY. You're not hurting anyone and you shouldn't feel guilty.
  4. I would definitely do it. I don't think it's any of your family's business where or how you spend your money. You're old enough to make your own decisions, they shouldn't judge. :biggrin:
  5. I hate being the youngest. I honestly still feel like I am 13 when I'm around my sisters lol. There is a huge age gap between me and my three older sisters. I always feel like I'm not enough...
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    First of all, thank you to yourself and your husband for your service to our county. :flowers: Secondly, if handbags are your primary indulgence and your hubby approves, by all means splurge on a great empreinte piece! It sounds as if you have reached an age and stage of life in which you are supporting yourself, so opinions of extended family are just that ~ opinions. Everyone will always have their own ideas about anything and everything ~ high-end handbags included! Some people are more tactful when expressing themselves than others, but that is a topic for another thread! Now that you have the nudge you need... both colors are great neutrals. Do you need black or brown more? GL and let us know what you decide!
  7. Hubby says buy it - so go out there and get that Emp Artsy! Black would be lovely. It would be a handbag that you could use forever IMO.

    I'm with you, I don't really care what other people think anymore. However, with family, it really is different. I always like to try to keep the peace with family. Maybe you could carry another handbag around them?

    Otherwise, you've got to live your own life. It is YOUR life after all and you should enjoy it to the fullest. If that means a LV every so often then go for it girl! Sounds to me like you deserve it!

    Best of luck with everything. :hugs:
  8. +1000000

    I have a huge soft spot for vets, so I say do whatever makes you happy girl. Your family's opinions don't pay your bills. I'm not trying to be harsh, but I understand the criticism well.

    I also haven't commented on the forum in forever, but I felt really inclined to do so in this instance lol
  9. You should get it! Your husband is happy for you to get it & you want to get it, the only thing that is making you rethink it is other people's opinions so I say get it without any guilt! You deserve it & should wear it with pride :smile:
  10. You should get. The only things that I splurge on are handbags and shoes. I bought keurig so I can make my own lattes and I take lunch to work almost everyday. Lol! My mother in law always judges me for my handbags but I don't let her get to me. I'll wear any of my LVs in front of her. Do what makes you happy. 😃
  11. O no! I thought the price increase was Monday! But, he definitely wants to get me one before the increase.

    I feel like I might be hurting my family. It "should" go into the savings account. But, you're right. I will be grinning ear to ear if I do get it.

    Aww thank you. I miss being in the service so much but my kids mean more to me. I have tons of neutral bags and only one black purse and it's an all leather, plain Coach. He says I don't need another brown tone. But, the Havane is so gorgeous.

    I hate hiding my LVs! They all need to be loved lol. But, Family is funny that way, aren't they?
    I am so easily moved by them whether it is good or bad. I usually don't care what people think about me EXCEPT when it comes to my family. I know they only want good for me but it comes off as too critical sometimes. Thanks for the encouragement :smile:

    Ha! No more lurking for you! Thanks for the kind words.

    I think if I do take the plunge, it will still come with a huge side of guilt lol
  12. I believe you should go for it and do it, if you have the means and its something you really want and your hubby is also comfy with. I am pretty much like you, except the Starbucks thing - i am there everyday, lol! my husband's best friend also works next door and a bunch of the starbucks ppl are actually close friends so it's enables us more. we still pay though! (ok sometimes >.> lol)

    Get your dream bag! ^)^ :heart:

    P.S.= i love Havane too and there are always other black bags and always will be. in lv, chanel, etc so for empreinte i'd go for a non blk =D
  13. My sister bought me a Nespresso machine for Christmas 4 years ago and I use it everyday, too! I love it to death. I love it more than my Starbucks which I only drink once a week or once every other week!
  14. I would love to have that kind of SB hookup!

    I am going to see the Black artsy in person tonight or tomorrow. I think I will decide at the store!
  15. If you aren't going into debt to purchase them, then no need to feel guilty. If you are saving up for something you love, and you have the funds to do so, then there is no need to feel guilty about it. Enjoy your purchase :biggrin: