SPF, Primer, and Foundation, which one first??? Please help...

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  1. Hi everyone, I've been using make up for quite a while now, but until recently, I decided to try primer mainly because my skin starts to get oily after a few hours and I constantly need to reapply a dusting of powder throughout the day. So now I just bought bareMineral skin rev-er upper with Neutrogena SPF and Chanel liquid foundation. I just couldn't figure out if I should wear SPF after my moisturizer, or skin rev-er upper first then SPF. Any advice is appreciated. And also on a side note, I'm not loving bareMineral skin rev-er upper so far because I don't think it's doing a good job as a primer at all. I'm thinking about switching to Smashbox primer because of all the reviews from here and everyone else I talked to. Also, I have very dry skin so it tends to produce extra oil after mid-day so it's more like extremely oily skin.
    Please help a very confuse one....:biggrin:
  2. SPF, primer, and then foundation. I'd try just using the SPF as a primer, though.
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    As a follower of beauty expert Paula Begoun, I will summarize her advice:
    Primer, then SPF, then makeup.

    If you use any additional products, this is the recommended order:
    1-Toner (alcohol & irritant free)
    2-Exfoliant (such as BHA/Salicylic Acid or AHA)
    3-Treatments (for anti-aging, acne, discoloration, etc... This is where I use my Benzoyl Peroxide during the day and Retin-A at night)
    4-Antioxidant serum
    5-Makeup Primer (though a specialty treatment serum or antioxidant serum also doubles up as a primer due to the silicone content, so I personally skip foundation primers)
    5.5- Shine Stopper or Oil Absorbing Product- (Optional for oily skin) Such as http://www.paulaschoice.com/product/shine-stopper-instant-matte-finish-with-microsponge-technology
    6-Day time - SPF - This is always the last skin care item before makeup.
    Night Time - Moisturizer
    7-Makeup - Always last

    Whew! It sounds like a lot more work than it really is. I used to have to label my products to remember what step they were, but now I memorize my routine.
  4. Same here
  5. Best to find a product that contains all the above in one or two products. Example: Primer and a foundation with SPF
  6. Replace all of the above with a good Asian BB cream. They have high SPF (40 -50) . My fave is Missha perfect cover, a Korean BB which I got on Amazon.
  7. I'd highly recommend getting a moisturizer with spf in it down the line. You skin may be oily, but you still need to add moisture into the skin so your skin won't make as much oil.

    Anyway, If you use a moisturizer already do that first, spf next, primer, and foundation :smile: I see spf as part of skin care so I always do those kinds of things first.
  8. Paula is saying to use - SPF OVER primer?
    Is it as effective?
    My dermatologist said spf then primer - ugh
  9. I use SPF as a primer because SPF doesn't really get absorbed into the skin and most of it while it dissipates through out the day tends to sit on the sking. I find it kind of fills up lines too.
  10. You don't need to apply an SPF if you're foundation and/or primer has an SPF in it. Personally I just buy a moisturizer with a high SPF and then you don't need to worry about layering an extra layer of product onto your skin. So it would just be moisturizer, primer and then foundation.
  11. The new Armani maestro has an spf it in... if the shades work ( sheer coverage)
    its great..

    Otherwise either look for a moisturizer with an spf or a foundation with one in it..
  12. I have yet to find a primer that does me any good but moisturizer, SPF (I use a moisutrizer with SPF in it) then foundation.
  13. Very true. I tend to like more spf than most since I'm so fair. Everything I use has spf in it. Moisturizer, primer, foundation (bb in my case).

    If you get one product with a high enough spf you should be ok to skip a separate spf.
  14. Say you use a BB cream with an SPF of 35 and a moisturizer of 15 you're still at the highest SPF because it doesn't add up the amount of sun protection. So I buy one thing with a high SPF.
  15. Yes, I know. I just tend to buy everything with spf in it nowadays since I have foundations without any in them. That way, if I use the moisturizer with spf, I'm not left unprotected.

    Sorry for the confusion.