Spent 1 hour+ at BalNY looking at Anthracite, Aquamarine

  1. No pix here, though my Mom is bringing her camera to me tomorrow so hopefully Tuesday I'll be able to post photos. I will make sure I take a photo that's 100% accurate of...
  2. what did you think of Anthracite? My City was shipped yesterday and worried w/all the mixed reviews.
  3. Oh, oh! highgloss, how was the Aquamarine? I've been hearing so many conflicting accounts. Did you see any Makeup or Shoulder bags in this color?

  4. Wait, I just realized that you got something, you naughty girl, what is it? :graucho:
  5. ...my new Anthracite City! And here's what I think, after looking at dozens of bags:

    1) Anthracite is definitely dark gray with green undertones. Whether you will be disappointed will depend on WHAT KIND OF GREEN you were thinking of. I was thinking of a murky, pond water green, which would give the sublest dark green hue to dark gray. It ain't that. It's more like the Aquamarine green, so the gray ends up being very, very lively. In natural light in shade, it's mostly gray with hints of green. Under yellow tungsten light, it turns a bit toward blue (very pretty) and in brighter sunlight, the green comes out more. Not so dramatically as the changes with Ink, but very nice variations. I will look through the photos already on the site and add the one that's closest IRL to this thread.

    2) The COLOR is very uniform from bag to bag, unlike Ink where some bags were bluer and some more purple. With Anthracite, the color is virtually the same on all bags.

    3) The LEATHER VARIATIONS are quite different, not just from bag to bag but also within each bag. On some bags the front panel was smooth, the back was lumpy and the sides were really wrinkly. It was hard to find a bag where all the leather textures matched fairly closely.

    4) The leather is very soft...almost pre-broken in. And it's incredibly SHINY. Blinding at times! None of the bags were more matte, so I'll have to wait for a little wear and tear to diminish the shine factor. It's like the bag was dipped in lip gloss!

    At first I thought I was going to pass and wait for Lead in the fall, but the more I looked at Anthracite the more I liked it. Once I got over what I thought the color would be from that stupid little postage stamp swatch (those things are SO misleading) I started to really like it. And now that it's home, I love it. It's beautiful against neutrals AND it's beautiful against color.

    And I got it in a City, my first. Funnily enough, it's a perfect color for that shape, as I had hoped. And now I love the City, too, when before I was on the fence.

    Okay, enough about Anthracite...now for AQUAMARINE.

    Aquamarine is a bright, gorgeous color...the very first photo we saw of it was correct, not the more recent BalNY photo where it looked more green. I will look at the photos already on the site now and pull the one that's closest.

    Sandstone was gorgeous, too.

    I'll add those photos now...
  6. Congrats!! ;) Can't wait for pics!

    Oh no.. I just ordered from BalNY. I hope my First doesn't look silly.... and dipped in lip gloss :oh:
  7. Highgloss, do you know how many anthracity does BalNY have? I was so busy today with my kids :heart: .. that I did not get back to Daphne about my city Anthracite. I'll call her first thing tomorrow morning & hope she still has the bag for me...
  8. Okay, this first photo is the Aquamarine originally posted by Powderpuff, and this is correct IRL.

    The second photo is esiders' flat courier (I think) and it's dead on to what the bags look like in natural light, but not direct sunlight. In direct sunlight, it's a smidge greener, and in darker indoor lighting it's a smidge bluer, but just a smidge. Not quite what I would call "chameleon-like".
    pic000.jpg DSCF1873.jpg
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  10. Lots of Anthracity in stock...when at first I hesitated, Kim said I could think about it for a few days and call her. "We have lots in," is what she said. But definitely call tomorrow if you have a preference for smoother leather...I got one that was fairly smooth all around. It's still more distressed than I usually get, so if that's what you'd want, too, you can tell her your friend Jennifer Reed bought her Anthracite City on Saturday afternoon and Kim was great about finding one pretty uniform all around, can she do it again, etc....
  11. Thanks for the report, Highgloss!!! Would you mind reporting what styles they had in these colors?
  12. I know they didn't have a whole lot of Aquamarine and Periwinkle because Kim said she'd have to check to see if they had them to show me...and they're still unpacking boxes from this week's shipment, so the stock is probably changing daily.

    You should just call them tomorrow and see if they have what you're looking for. I think the shipment came in Thursday so they should be done unpacking by tomorrow...and they could also let you know what hasn't yet arrived.
  13. ^^ Thanks dear! We Bbag boutique-deprived gals really appreciate it... I love vicariously through you guys!:flowers:
  14. i saw an acquamarine part time yesterday and it looked greener / teal than this pic which is more turquoise... does the colour VARIES with acquamarine like with ink....?? :push:

  15. highglosss...thanks for the report!

    did you happen to notice if they had the brief or the first (both regular hardware) in the anthracite?