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Speedy 30 or 25 in red or passy pm in red

Sep 26, 2006
Some of you might remember that I want to get a passy pm in red as an everyday bag.
As I can not carry my shoulder bags at the moment because of my back problems, I rediscovered my speedy...and now I am thinking about getting a red speedy in 25 or 30 (have a monogram in 30) instead:confused1:
I love the manhattan too but think I need some colour for spring...so, what do you all think? Speedy in red (25 or 30? Does it look " bigger " in colour?) or passy pm in red?


Dec 13, 2005
I looked at red epi Speedys in both sizes. I liked the 25. IMO it didn't look as nice in the large size because it is such a bold color. I too have a 30 mono Speedy, but for a red epi I recommend a 25.
Sep 26, 2006
Thank you all for your very nice wishes!
I went to Harrods today to try on the speedy in 30 but they had none...the black one in 25 is maybe too small, the opening seems to be so much smaller as on my 30 monogram one, and I always carry so much stuff around...but tried on the passy again:love: have a feeling as if I have to wait until I can compare the 25, the 30 and the passy, there is no speedy in red in 30 in London available, so have to be patient...