Speedy 30 or 25 in red or passy pm in red

Sep 26, 2006
That is funny-I am not quite sure if the open top is a good idea as well (on the passy). And I think that it could be quite hard to fish around for things in a speedy 25 with the small opening. And it concerns me a bit that the passy might look to buisness like on me and it should really be a bag for every day...so maybe the red speedy in 30 would be the perfect choice...:confused1:
Sep 26, 2006
Will have a look at the Jasmin, but I think it is too small. I am always carrying at least a book, small agenda, wallet, cosmetic bag, keys and phone...would so prefer a shoulder bag like the Saleya or a red petit noe but with my shoulder that is not very sensible:shrugs:


Apr 12, 2006
I vote speedy 25, i love it in red! The speedy is a bit more classic looking and the passy is fresher. I love obth but the passy is open. That's fine with me if i crry a bag on the shoulder but not by hand
Dec 13, 2006
a red epi speedy 30 is one of my dream bags so I'm going to have to go with that vote! On a side note, and this is no reflection of the aesthetics of the passy, but I really dislike the name of that bag, makes me think of my kid's pacifier, lol. We call it a paci for short!