Speedy 25 and 30

  1. If anyone has both these bags can you post them side by side so I can see a size comparison?
  2. oh i will!

  3. beautiful!
  4. nice bags...
    Sophia, may i ask why u buy both bags with the same style???:amuse:
  5. lol, 30 for like airplane trips or babysitting nights or food to sneak into the movies with

    and i bought the 25 in febuary 2006 cause it was too cute to pass up!
  6. here's my speedy 25 and speedy 30 :love: 30 is nice for travelling or when i bring a lot of things, but use the 25 more than i use the 30
  7. opps sorry here it is
    twins copy.jpg
  8. Thank you!
    The 25 is a really cute size.
  9. The 25 is cute, but it is also very roomy, much more so than you might realize.
  10. I thought I wanted the 25 until I went to the store to try them on. They are both VERY roomy and can hold a ton, the only problem was that the 25 has a narrow opening and I found it hard to get into. Love my 30, I am a mom and I can put EVERYTHING into it. It is a larger bag, though.
  11. That's what I think of when I see the 30 too. :amuse: I love to sneak food into the movies. :shame:
  12. I wish the Cerise had come in a 30, it's the only 25 I have and it is way too small for me but very cute for someone who doesn't have the need for a ton of space like I do.
  13. I don't hold that much and the 25 would work for me but I also found the opening really narrow which I didn't like. So I opt for the 30 for the damier speedy purchase just to have extra room
  14. im getting a speedy but i dont know which one to get im pretty sure i want the 30.. just as an everyday bag for wallet sunglasses i pod but i dont know which colour or pattern to get.. any suggestions?
  15. Gorgeous!