Special Orders for July podium: Tell us!

  1. Who ordered what? anything really unique???? Please share?​
  2. Hermesaholic, still thinking about July. In Feb I inquired about SOing a tri colored Birkin. Was told it could be done but might take 3 years to arrive.

    Since I want everything yesterday, 3 years+ was not going to work:hysteric:

    If I do a special request, it will probably be a Podium order for another HAC 32 in a soft leather, maybe gold swift.
  3. Nothing to report for me...passing this time around. Still waiting on my last order from earlier this year.
    Would love to hear from everyone else.
  4. mine is a 37cm black matte croc bolide...........we'll see
  5. 31cm Black Clemence (or Togo) Bolide w/White Top Stitching palladium h/w :yahoo:
  6. ^^Oooh, that sounds divine!!
  7. 32c Kelly Ebene Clemence w/palladium hardware

  8. luscious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Barenia Trim I 31 cm

    And I'm trying to decide between a 35 cm Birkin in either Gris Tourterelle or Etoupe with aqua interior...
    ...and it is killing me...
  10. This would be AMAZING!!!! :drool::drool::drool:

  11. wow the aqua interior sounds divine!. my 2 cents: etoupe. i love love love etoupe.........it seriously goes with everything. gris tourterelle is lovely but it has a chalkiness that i dont care for. let me rhapsodize about etoupe: its a silvery, mocha, cafe au lait, pearly grayish beigishtaupishoystershellwetsparklysand .................if you couldnt tell....i love it. it is my fave hermes color of ALL time.
  12. Ooh...Etoupe!!!
  13. Another Etoupe lover here!! [​IMG]

    For me.. all i can fantasies about is box leather..apparently, its very hard to obtain..harder than crocodile!!:hrmm:
  14. 31 raisin epsom bolide
  15. When is the deadline for July order? I thought it was over couple days ago