Spamming And Spamming And Spamming...ARGH!!

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  1. I'm being driven nuts by spam on eBay. I must be getting between 10 and 20 a day in relation to a Chloe item I'm's getting beyond a joke. I report each and every one to eBay but they still come through thick and fast :cursing:
  2. I know!!
    I always report and forward to ebay with a note:
    "Please do something about this!! I'm ready to cancel my account as this is so annoying!!!"

    Don't you love how they start with
    "My dear best friend"

    Sometimes I take the time and email them 20 times with this in the body::



  3. LOL.... I got really annoyed by a spammer once because they sent me several emails. I ended up using their email address to sign up for tons of free porn email... the yucky kind! I hope they enjoyed it!! Jerks.
  4. ^^^^ :lol:

    I honestly feel like e-mailing them back with a few choice swear words
  5. Yup, I've got them too. I keep thinking that I have a serious question on my auction, only to receive "my dear best friend"! I just keep reporting them. But I don't answer them, I'm afraid that if I do they will send even more.
  6. I can't believe that eBay can't do more about this
  7. The spammers suck! I have been getting hit by them too. I get all excited that I have a question from a potential interested buyer to only find out it is a spammer. Arg! Fools me every time!

  8. Usually you can tell in advance as it comes in the form of........"ask seller about shipping or combined shipping".
  9. You know, last night I was just thinking, "I'm glad I haven't gotten any of these yet." And I woke up this morning with one in my inbox. UGH. Isn't that a LOT of work to email people through the ebay system? Geez.
    It was some stupid thing saying "my best friend found this online shop" yadda yadda. Gooooo away. :cursing:
  10. Since having a Chloe up for sale I've had so much and even this morning there was another three!!
  11. Those damn spam messages was enough to put me off selling! :s

    You can report them to ebay who suspend the account. It doesn't stop them though, coz they've hijacked other accounts or they simply open another.

    You can't win...
  12. What gets me is when you are selling a Geniune Designer Bag for instance and send you this cr*p about their website which sells fake rubbish - like you would be interested!!??!!

    I have to say I don't reply to them, simply because I don't want them to actually have my email address, they might send me even more.

    I just report them and delete it.
  13. Report, delete, report delete, report delete, report delete, report delete, report delete, report delete, report delete, report delete, report delete, report delete, report delete, report delete, report delete, report delete, report delete, repeat to fade . . . . .!
  14. I've just had 12 come through! ARGH!! :cursing:
  15. :roflmfao: