Spamming And Spamming And Spamming...ARGH!!

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  1. I even post on my sales to stop sending me spam or I will report them. I honestly don't think it slows them down.
    I am taking a week off selling next week. I am so tired of all the spam. My other pet peeve is when they ask me to model the purse. I really hate taking pics of myself in the mirror. I think I just need an Ebay vacation.
  2. I'm hearing that!
  3. I was in shock this morning when I received one of these messages for an item that is even designer! They must now be mass spamming :sad:
  4. ya its gotten so bad. i had a purse listed with a BIN price and one of these spammers bought it and instead of paying they sent me a message starting with "dear sir or maddam" then it went off about their website with "AAA quality handbags" i was sooo mad that they ended my listing just to try and sell me fake crap

  5. LOL!!! That's what i do!!!! I hate spammers!!!
  6. That's terrible.

    You can avoid that in the future by listing your bin w/ immediate payment required.