Sorta disappointed with my first purchase...

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  1. I was able to make it into my local LV boutique before they closed to purchase the men's multiple in damier graphite. After getting home I saw the heat stamp does not have "Made in ..." and for the life of me I can't find a date code. I've searched every seam with a flashlight. Checked all credit card slots, etc.

    I cannot verify to a person down the road that this is authentic. I know it's just one avenue to verifying authenticity but to my understanding only vintage ones don't have date codes.

    Should I call tomorrow and ask for one with a date code?
  2. From what I understand the date code can be extremely difficult to locate in wallets. I have a multiple wallet in another pattern, and it is located barely visible in the pocket behind the card slots almost near the seam. I'm not sure if that is even typical - so I would be curious to hear what anyone else has to say about this.

    It definitely seems odd that it is missing "Made in..." though, so I would definitely call if I were you.
  3. It's strange. I'll look again. Since my last post I guess some of the USA offerings don't have "Made in..."
  4. Interesting - I didn't realize this was something they started doing until I just found a post about it now, it is disappointing to see that this is being done.

    Just out of curiosity is their any registration mark like?

    But yeah, at least on mine the date code appears to be at the bottom right of the left card pockets, near the seam. I had to really really look hard and with a flash light - and even then it was still barely visible.
  5. Yea you got the heat stamp correct. I'm attaching a picture to the end of the post. I searched again with a flashlight and it looks like something is there where you describe yours is so I can't make anything out except for the SD part of the code. So it is a US code of some sort...

  6. Did your wallet ever came with two cards?

    If blanked the wallet is bound to be made in U.S. It should have a card stamped with "Made in USA of imported materials"

    I remember two years ago- my mother was looking at wallets. Two full size wallet did not have made in stamp inside the wallet. The wallet she bought came with a card stamped with "Made in USA of imported materials".
  7. Wow, this is interesting. I thought they only did this with bags that are made in USA; didn't know they're doing it with wallets too. Also, I thought most SLGs are made in either France or Spain? I haven't encountered made in USA SLGs yet... I learn something new every day lol
  8. Yikes! I'm unimpressed with the quality of heat stamp. That's an automatic return in my opinion.
  9. This would be the first time I've seen this. It's usually stamped made in France or Spain.
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    With persistence I was able to identify the full date code on my wallet, it was very hard to read the full number I could initially only see the "SP" location code and mine was actually upside down in relation to the credit card slots. So yeah, it is very hard to make out the code.

    The one thing I'd note based on your picture - and I'm not sure if it is just a defect or the picture - but there seems to be significant bleeding of the silver / coloring of the text. Particularly the ®, almost as if it was stamped twice.

    I've attached an image, but you can also compare here:

    I'd say all in all - if you feel disappointed, then by all means contact your SA / boutique.

    EDIT: baglady replied while I was preparing my post, so there definitely seems to be some agreement about that stamp. If I was in your place, I'd probably be returning.

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  11. +1
    It sounds like it is made in USA and the date code can be very close to the seam in the pocket. Not to worry, it is 100% authentic if it was purchased at a boutique.
  12. I would definitely take that back the heat stamp is clearly a wack job.. it's bleeding everywhere!!!
  13. It did come with two cards. I pulled them out of the left slip pocket/credit card slot. I will check in the morning for what they say. The misses is asleep next to me so I don't want to wake her.
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    I know this sounds dumb to ask but is it ok to return based on that? I'm new to LV and luxury goods such as bags/wallets. It wasn't until fairly recent I decided to step up my dress and all the accessories that go with it. I've always been a jeans and polo type of guy. The stamp isn't all that impressive to me. Something that cost $525 you'd think every last detail would be exquisite. Just holding it you can tell its of exceptional quality though!
  15. Yes something else I thought that was interesting as a first time buyer was when she was searching for the wallet I requested (also asked to look at the slender (which I would destroy with how that's designed)) she was searching through a bunch of wallets loose in a drawer (of course neatly filed) instead of them being protected by their individual boxes.