Sooooo Revealing

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  1. Welcome my Chanel Reissue 226 So Black Chevron in Sheepskin: the perfect everyday bag that can transition from day to night! This leather is not soft like lambskin. It feels very durable, even more so than caviar, and I really like it because I won’t worry about it. This is my first So Black and I love it! Shopping around for So Black, I realized there are different types of the black hardware. This one seems shinier and durable, like it won’t chip (fingers crossed). I like how even the bottom is Chevron - the classic flap is not.

    Now I really feel my collection is complete for a long while. I think this makes #21 or #22 bags in my Chanel family.

    I apologize in advance for my terrible mod shots. I am no good with lighting and taking selfies.

    CAAAC4D7-59BF-4D3E-B2C6-FC34B23A5700.jpeg 41D336FB-67A4-4B2E-B215-2E316D6912EB.jpeg BA45FE80-9E19-406C-B962-5980D39EA1F0.jpeg 2CDE4A00-7898-4636-AB0F-9E2964C1D9C0.jpeg
  2. continued C74B28C6-A84E-40F9-8A4C-4B75EA5AD6FC.jpeg ABD51585-BAFC-4F48-9225-E19101E6CFAF.jpeg 2C699ECC-BFEB-4E1A-A65A-DDF3AB7C0D1F.jpeg 9F541E77-070D-4196-A97A-BACCB11DFC56.jpeg B9D06E60-0CF6-4BCE-862B-8690144EC3DC.jpeg A935AD10-174E-4C16-85A1-FCA7C161562B.jpeg 229CD944-7C20-4E6A-B997-654D85BA80C6.jpeg
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  3. Happy 50th birthday to me!!!

    D4E3F738-DED6-4BEA-9075-BB4147B78F7C.jpeg E37A51CD-7068-47A7-AB9A-4D29FB9DA972.jpeg 32ECBD89-8F4D-44B3-9E30-CF94508B33E3.jpeg ABE1C796-008A-4AAA-8E88-86BBEBC1F050.jpeg 84E94FD9-DEFD-40EC-B7E5-9B922C0582CC.jpeg 48F7B6E0-9E83-4893-9F12-61AEF4B547F1.jpeg 8BE92482-3FEC-4592-B9B3-CB6980037C3E.jpeg
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  4. what’s in my bag:
    Card/cash holder ( I don’t use a wallet)
    Earbuds, mints
    Makeup pouch

    Front pocket:
    Pen, reading glasses, mirror

    Phone goes in outside back pocket

    C3C01181-BF1F-4C22-B802-6C8B41D37411.jpeg 6F72ACE2-13EA-4D5E-BA51-ED04EBF697C7.jpeg
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  5. The bag is a beauty, great choice!
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  6. Wow! She is beautiful!! Love all the mod shots you took as well. You look fabulous!
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  7. What a real beauty. If I ever find this I think I will also get it. I love how it looks with the chevron and so black hardware. Congrats and happy birthday! You look totally fabulous!
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  8. This looks like the most perfect reissue! Congrats and enjoy!!
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  9. Happy 50th!!! Great way to celebrate
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  10. Loookin’ fabulousssss on your 50th bday :tup:. Lovely bag and gorgeous mod shots :heart:. The So Black is indeed an addiction for me too :P
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  11. Happy 50th Birthday and to many more!! Congratulations
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  12. Thank you each and every one of you beautiful bag beauties! I can’t believe I’ve lived 1/2 a century!! I have seen how bags have evolved over the years. The Chanel classic flap wasn’t even invented until I was in my late teens!! I can only imagine how much further bags will come along in the future.

    I started my bag love at the age of 7, when I bought some leather and sewed my own bag, and for 43 years since, I have been obsessed.
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  13. Gorgeous! Congratulations and Happy Birthday!
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  14. The color is gorgeous!! Congratulations!!
  15. I missed that it was also your birthday. Happy 50th birthday!! I do enjoy celebrating a birthday with a gorgeous new bag.