Sooooo Revealing

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous!
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  2. Congrats & Happy Birthday! Your new bag is gorgeous.
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  3. Thank you so much, lovelies!!

  4. A warm heartfelt thank you to each of you who so kindly replied. My heart feels full for so many reasons! It feels good to be at this stage of life. I went through many struggles over the years but am finally on top of the mountain!
    Think about this: I was in my 30’s when I joined TPF!! I love the ladies and gentleman here who have built it!

    (and ps, I literally just now learned how to multi-quote haha!)

  5. Happy Born Day! You picked a beaut, and it matches you PERFECTLY. *snaps fingers*
    YOU. DID. THAT. Also: fabulous
  6. Happy 50th! You look fab! The so black looks great too!
  7. How very kind, Dear friends. Thank you so much! I enjoy sharing my obsessive pleasure with all of you!

  8. Happy Birthday! [emoji322][emoji322][emoji512][emoji512]! And I love your bag.
  9. Congratulations on your bag and happy birthday!! Your mod shots look fabulous - the bag suits you and your outfit! (Love those boots.)
  10. Thank you so much, sweet msmelanie!!

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  11. Thank you so much, ChanelCanuck!!

  12. Happy birthday and congratulations on your lovely Reissue!
  13. Thank you, MahaM!
    Thank you More Bags!
    I appreciate your kind words!

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  14. This reissue is a jaw dropping stunner! Congratulations, and enjoy this gorgeous bag :heart::heart::heart: