Sooo is this an unreasonable wishlist for this year?? lol

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  1. well i just cant help myself. If i could just have allll this I would be content!


    1.Monogram Manhattan GM
    2.Damier Ribera MM
    3.Damier Azur Speedy 25
    4.Damier Speedy 25 & 30
    5.Denim Neo Speedy in Blue
    6.White Multicolore Speedy
    7.Mini Lin Speedy in Dune & Regular
    8.Cerise Speedy 25
    9.Monogram Koala Agenda ROSE
    10.Damier Azur Key Cles
    11.Damier Azur Zippy Wallet
    12.Monogram Ludlow Wallet
    13.Monogram Beverly GM
    14.and Feerique T-Strap Sandal in VIOLET

    OMG! then i would be complete. (for the next few years):rolleyes:
  2. nice list. :smile: but i don't believe that you'd be content for the next few years....we're a bunch of enablers here :devil: hehe
  3. I completely agree with caley- you will NEVER be satisfied- LV is the most addicting designer IMO b/c of their ability to "out do" themselves!

    Nice list though!! I too would like a list going but I'm such a bag ho- and so FICKLE- I'd probably put myself though a mental breakdown! haha~~~
  4. most of mine ive wanted for a while now. im dying for a manhanttan GM, a new speedy and the damier azur zippy wallet...i dont have a wallet currently and have been LIVING out of my cles!
  5. Oh, you will never be content. I said that too often. All my bags have been wants and needs! It's always, "I won't need another one after this! I swear babe!" Yah right!
  6. Believe me, mine's longer! :Push: Mine's reaching 40. But I think it's because of the fact that I'm a poor college student. Pfft.
  7. hehe thats a lot of speedys!
    i dont even want to write my wishlist down, it would surely make me depressed looking at it
  8. just buy whatever u like and u wish to have it... i don't put down my wishlist but I just buy when the timing is right... and offcourse when there is enough fund...
  9. Wow, quite a list, we'll have to see how you do with getting it! Good luck!
  10. I just bought my damier pap 30 and I thought it is finally the end of my wishlist..but no!! I am still looking at the LV pics and making a list of things which I want! It is never ending and it is growing!
  11. Nice list!! I'm sure you will get all the stuff eventually :smile: I try to stick to a wishlist but i think i have have changed it about 15 times :shocked:
  12. Like you said. It is a wishlist. We all have them, reasonable or not. It's reasonable that over time you get a few wishes granted. Good luck!
  13. Lol gooood luck I hope you can satisfy your needs hehe! :smile:
  14. One day you will have them all!!! ;)
  15. To be a true Louis Vuitton connoisseur is to be constantly waiting and debating. I'd try to get my hands on the LE items first. I agree with the rest that say you will never be content, your list will get longer. LV is like a Potato chip laced with crack...LMAO:drool::roflmfao:
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