sometimes the boutique experience is overrated

  1. i went to the nyc soho store tonight to pick up a bandeau i had on hold. it was the only store in the city that has it. it's unbelievably freezing here and that's so far from my office and apt but i went.

    when i got there there was literally no one in the store. still not one person approached me. i went to the counter and asked the SA for the bandeau. It was sitting in a bag and when she took it out it was folded really teeny in a basically wadded up piece of tissue. I held it, tried it out and decided to buy it. she put it back in the wadded up paper in the little bag. and was going to sell it to me that way! i was like hi, can i have a box. so after i paid she went and put it in a box. i was like don't look because i just knew i didn't want to see it. i asked about fixing my bag and she sent me downstairs. fine.

    the women downstairs were really nice and i got to see the new pastilles keychains and the heart cles in white, pomme and white mc. they are a lot bigger than i thought they would be but such an awkward shape for anything other than coins. i went to show them the scarf and she hadn't even put in a piece of tissue! ok, i know it's probably the cheapest thing in lv but it's silk! have a little reverence! anyway the women downstairs offered to wrap it nicely for me which she did. no ribbon or anything but nice tissue.

    one of the SAs was standing there looking at the new stuff with me when the other SA was wrapping the bandeau. she could not even be bothered talking to me. she just looked at the stuff, put it away and walked away. seriously? you can't even say hi?

    anyway i am trying to decide if i should keep the bandeau. it's really pretty but i'm not sure i need it....

    i sort of wish i bought it somewhere and had it shipped. it might have been packed nicer and i wouldn't have had to freeze. lol.
  2. Im sorry you had a bad experience.
    Im going to NYC for spring break, I hope i have a good time at the LV stores!
  3. the people at the bloomies lv are the best!
  4. You were brave to go tonight in this weather! Sorry you had a bad experience there.
  5. I am sorry, that is really unacceptable. I would drop a note to the manager.
  6. I'm sorry to hear you had a bad experience. Maybe that girl was in a bad mood, waiting to go home or something? Aww, I know what you mean though, it kinda spoils everything... I hope you have a better experience the next time!
  7. IMO one of the best boutiques in NYC is the Macy*s Herald Sq.Everytime I go in there they are very kind,and curtious. I have been to the SoHo one,which was a disapointment,the flagship isnt that bad though.
  8. Wow. That was unbelievably rude, lately I've been hearing more and more stories like this. I would get in touch with the manager and report the experience.
  9. I see things like that all the time at the LV around here....its really stupid...

    Thats the reason I dont have a particular SA or am too nice or patient at the LV boutiques....I dont like the experience at all really.....

    I usually go in, ask for the specific bag I want, then leave with it as quickly as I can.....even when the SA is awesome and nice....I still dont like the whole atomsophere there......:yucky:
  10. the thing is she wasn't mean it was just, meh, you know. like nothing. like fine, here's your thing. i mean i know it wasn't much but it's still a delicate item....
  11. Sorry th hear about your experience.

    Which bandeau did you get? pics please :yes:
  12. Oh, terrible experience, I'm sorry to hear about it. The service we get here is hit and miss too really. I can't help feeling that sometimes some of the SAs are being a bit fake with me here. But who cares really? I'm there for the product.
  13. i'm sorry to hear about your experience. i know exactly how you feel - you can't exactly say the SA was "mean," but more just totally unconcerned and blase about you and your purchases/interests. i dislike having to ask for good treatment, particularly for whatever i'm purchasing, esp when it's something so basic like good packaging, aka a box. i'm increasingly thinking that elux is the way to go - automatically great packaging, and don't have to deal with rude SAs!
  14. i'm sorry to hear they were a not very friendly, heather.
    what happened with your heat stamped bag?
    also, which bandeau did you get? i'm curious esp bc they make the best shaped scarves to tie in the Noe's---skinny and long. are you planning on using it with your Noe at all?
    ok, i'll stop now with the third degree...sorry!:shame:
    i get carried away.....
  15. lol. i gave up on the heatstamping. i updated the thread earlier today.

    i got the champ d'elysee bandeau in pink, it's lovely but i don't really have anything to put it on right now which is why i wasn't sure i should keep it.

    i have 2 bandeaus for the noe i have now- the red and blue fleurs... but i'm not sure the noe is me after carrying it to work today...