Sometimes I find LV annoying...

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  1. It just seems like I get so excited about LV and I must get what I love. It is an obsession! Sometimes I can't afford it and I still find ways to purchase it and it almost got me in trouble last time. I decided then that I will not get anything at all until next year but now I am obseesing over the mirage and the limelight. I know that I should not get them because I really need to get some new wardrobe since I donated 90% of my clothes for those in need and I really want to get my boyfriend a 50 inch plasma as a Christmas gift. Still, I can't get these 2 bags out of my head. Does anyone has these same problem or is just me? LV just like to mess with my head and emotions:p
  2. Know what you mean...right now visions of bags and boots are spinning in my head...just have to take a deep breath and be patient!!!! It doesn't help that I now also obsess over tPF now!!!! :tpfrox:
  3. im defiantly obsessed !! right now im debating whether to pay my college tuition with my school loans or buy a LV Mahina with those same school loans
  4. I can definitely relate! I have been obsessing over the manhattan pm for the past couple of weeks, and these last few days have been esp. bad with sleep disturbances and visions of the manhattan butting into my dreams the whole time. I'm supposed to be on a ban, but I think DH is allowing me another purchase soon, although I've gone completely overboard this year!
  5. occassionally but this season I'm just not into it, don't know what it is but can't really get excited over them. I don't know maybe I'm ill :p
  6. LOL....
    I find it annoying that they put out all these great bags the past 6 months....and I felt like I was being bombarded with too many things I had to choose from !!!
  7. It's annoying to me that there's so many great bags to choose from and not enough funds to satisfy my addiction ... :cursing:
  8. Claire, I am in the same boat! I typically am up at night with excitement waiting for bags to come in, worried about my place on the waiting list, but this season I am all set. I have enjoyed looking at the lovely and stunning pics of others Mirage Speedys thus far, but I am not dying for one. I thought I needed the Griet but the price is too much for what it is. I guess I will have to wait until cruise and see if something inspires me.

    On a side note, Claire, did you get anything/are you planning on getting anything from the Fall runway, just curious?
  9. Did you say you want to buy your boyfriend a 50-inch plasma TV?

    Can you be my girlfriend? :heart:
  10. I get obsessed too. I'm trying to figure out how I can finagle a Chanel AND an LV in Vegas on a seriously stretched budget. I go to sleep thinking about it and wake up STILL thinking about it.
  11. Yep, sooo annoying that all the stuff seems to come in at once - right when there is not enough money to buy it.:sad:
    But I try to be happy with what I can afford and think how lucky I am. :yes:
    At the moment all I am desperately after is a suhali lockit.:nuts:
  12. I'm in the same boat! I hate myself for this addiction and since my bday is coming up, it makes it even harder.
  13. I definately know the feeling. I'm really trying not to give in until next year. I have way too many bags that I haven't used and need to change that. I can't seem to let them go either.
  14. i wouldn't blame LV for making very nice things, blame your EQ ;)
  15. :p Yeah, he's been so good to me so I think he deserves it. He's been wanting one for so looong now.