Some New Work for an Upcoming Show

  1. Oh my goodness...I have three days until my first show of the year. I decided to do fewer shows this year but this is a big one. So Friday and Saturday I was up until 2 a.m. working on new pieces. I got some new gorgeous beads on Friday and just had to use them.

    And Vlad said it was okay if I shared. :smile: These aren't up for sale yet since they're for the show. Of course, if they don't sell (ug...don't even want to think that!) then I'll put them up on my website.

    So what do you think? Yes? No? Good? Bad? Ugly? I can take it! LOL
    P3190118.JPG P3190116.JPG P3190126.JPG P3190129.JPG P3190147.JPG P3190168.JPG P3190178.JPG P3190188.JPG P3190210.JPG P3190226.JPG
  2. And here's a few more. I told you I stayed up late! I was on a roll. :smile: These were all created Friday and Saturday night. :biggrin:
    P3190241.JPG P3190222.JPG P3190250.JPG P3190218.JPG P3190232a.jpg
  3. WOW! Where do I start??!!!

    Everything is so lovely. I love the reddish-brown MOP and the button pearls! Great job, I am sure you'll so fabulous at the show!
  4. PS... good choice with using pearls as they've been a HUGE HUGE request for pulls from editors for me.
    Pearls will be prominantly featured in the Fall magazines.
  5. Really??? Oh my goodness I am drowning in pearls. I bought a TON when I went to Tucson and hadn't really gotten inspired until this weekend. The two triple strands I posted are super heavy and I totally love them. I'm tempted to keep one ... or both! LOL

    Thank you for the compliment too...means a lot from you. :shame:

    Oh...and you can just send those editors my way! :roflmfao:
  6. Megan ~ Everything Is Absolutely Gorgeous!!! You Definitely Have An Eye For Design! Thank You So Much For Sharing ~ I Always Love To See Your Work!!! :smile:

    Is Your Show Soon? I Wish You Much Success!!! :smile: .......Kara
  7. These are gorgeous pieces Megan! I love the colors!! They are all so beautiful! good luck and have fun at the shows! :smile:
  8. Oh my :shocked: :love: those are all VERY gorgeous pieces. I especially love the gold & orange earrings!
  9. pretty!!! i love the chunky labradorite......mmmmm!!!!!!!
  10. Thanks everyone! What a great way to start my day...glowing in your praise. =D

    Kitskats...that labradorite was for my mom. LOL She'd been bugging me for months to get it made and I finally did! She is in love with labradorite. Is that how they're showing up for you? They're actually pink. LOL They're pink topaz. I got them Friday at a bead show and fell in love with them. ;) Oh, unless you're looking at the pearls...I suppose those could be a little orange-y ... I see them as coppery gold if I can make up a color. LOL show starts Friday. ACK!!! I always get a little freaked out as these shows get closer and closer. It's a three day show, ten hours a day. They are exhausting but fun and this year the weather is actually supposed to cooperate. :smile:

    I'm lucky that I'm able to take Thursday off from my "real" job and get a little more organized.

    Thanks everyone!!! =D
  11. Simply lovely. Megan, I might just have to order something from you before you get famous and the prices sky-rocket :P

  12. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    I'll let you know when Oprah calls. Hee Hee Hee! :graucho:
  13. I like your earrings, very well done. **thumbs up
  14. You diva!:lol:
    I've never really done a tradeshow only "Meet the Artist" type events. I was really close to doing a Shecky's but was scared of commiting to that much money. I hope you have a nice time and sell lots and lots of stuff!
  15. They are a TON of work and quite a bit of risk too. This isn't a trade show though ... it's an arts show and it was a lot of fun last year. I'm just hoping I sell enough to make up for all the beads I bought on Friday!

    I did apply to the wholesale crafts show but haven't heard back from the jury yet. Jurying is the WORST. I hate rejection! :shame: