Soludos anyone?

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  1. Does anyone own a pair of Soludos espadrilles? I just love them, and the price is right. Just want to hear some reviews on them first before I buy :smile:

  2. Yes it bought two pairs last year they were cheap and pretty good quality I found
  3. I just got a black pair and preordered the leopard print ones. It's been too cold and wet to wear them out but they sure felt comfy in the store--I daresay even more comfy than my Valentino espadrilles! At this price, you should go for them!
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    I just bought a black pair of the Classic Sandals (far left)
    So glad to finally have a cute, flat pair of espadrilles. I'll report back when they arrive!


    Have you been able to wear yours yet, Hiromi? :nuts:
  5. Mia, those sandals are so cute!! I'm envious of your gorgeous gams and how you can pull off ankle straps. Those would make my short legs look even shorter. Sigh.

    I haven't worn mine yet -- waiting for sunshine over here!
  6. Thanks lovie! Well you'll never know til you try them. I bought a pair of Schutz gladiators once that made my ankles look like ham hocks. :lol:
    My espadrilles arrive tomorrow so hopefully I can come back here with some good news!!

    I'm crossing my fingers for some sunshine for you!! :sunshine:
    PS: Which style(s) did you get? The Toms type style or the laced sneaker?
  7. I bought a pair two years ago from Jcrew, they are comfy, however the sole glue comes undone (and becomes a trip hazard), do I need to reglue it often.
  8. I don't think that's possible! :lol:

    Whoo, it's supposed to be sunny this weekend, so I'm taking mine out for a whirl!

    I got the Toms/slip-on style. Still waiting for Revolve to ship the leopard ones.

    Have you received your sandals yet?
  9. Oh dear, they come unglued that often?? I guess even the Chanel ones come unglued. Oh well, for this price, I don't mind doing the odd repair now and then. :P Thanks for the heads-up.
  10. Yay sunshine!! :sunshine:
    The slip-on style is sooo cute!
    Loving the printed ones like this pair:
    Can't wait to see your leopards :yes:

    And yes! My sandals arrived today! They're super, duper comfy, lightweight and mega adorable.


    I'm modeling both the shoes and my new Rebecca Minkoff 5 zip mini bag in acid yellow that came today as well. :biggrin: Gonna post these in the RM forum in a bit. 2 birds, one stone. :lol:


    Also, I saw a pic on instagram of these sandals not wrapped around the ankle and they look so cute that way too.

  11. Wow, you look great as usual! Love the mini RM too! I'm crazy for mini bags lately.

    Ooh, the tropical print ones are so fun! Makes me want to book a trip to Hawaii. :smile:

    Wore my black ones today (to a restaurant) and they were super comfy. Granted I didn't walk much but there was no chafing or rubbing. :tup:
  12. Thank you Hiromi! :flowers:
    Glad to hear your first journey in them was a success! I love wearing a new pair of shoes and not having any injuries afterwards :lol:

    So into mini bags right now! It's my first RM and it was hard to pick a color because they're all so pretty. There's a mint color that's almost like a Tiffany blue/green and a deep perrywinkle/purple and a rich lipstick red and arrgh...too much cute!
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    I just ordered a pair of the leopard print. Normally I wear 8.5 in flat shoes/sneakers but they only offer whole sizes and recommend sizing up. So, I have 9.0. There is a little room and I hope they don't stretch to the point of slipping off my foot. I love the look and feel of them. I am concerned that AmeeLV had to clue the sole back on. Well, they are under $50 so I guess we can live with that. :smile:

    I have totally flat feet, so there is extra space. A normally arched foot would likely press up nicely to the top of the shoe.

  14. I would not size up, they stretch out. Mine was blue and white stripe fabric, don't know if it's the same fabric as the leopard print. I bought mine from one of Jcrew sales plus 40% off. It was like $12. Honestly I don't think they are worth more than $30-40.
  15. Thanks for chiming in! I am pretty much stuck. Either I keep the 9 or give up on the soludos completely. I know 8 will be too small since when I walk/stand, my toes reach the tip where the embroidery at the front starts. Any shorter and I will have super scrunched feet. I am not wearing them outside until I really make the decision.

    So, when someone gets a new pair of espadrilles, should the toes literally scrunch to the very end of the shoe until broken-in?