Soludos anyone?

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  1. In that case, you have the right size! No it should not scruch, as the length doesn't stretch as much as the width, if it makes any sense. Generally becomes looser. So if the size down, your toes just touches the tip, it's fine, but if your toes are scrunched, the size up is better.
  2. I agree with Amee and besides if they stretch too much, you can add an insole and/or heel grips. We are shoe twins! :biggrin:
  3. It is settled! I am keeping them. I do love the leopard print on these more than those found on others. I will just see if they get too floppy. Right now, they are super comfy as I walk and don't slip off. Definitely will insert insoles if needed later. Hiromi, so cool we r shoe twins. I have been wanting leopard print shoes for a long time! Woohoo!