So, Where & How Did You Meet Him ?


Apr 18, 2007
We met on the steps of the Student Union Building of our school. I had seen him around campus before, but never said anything. The following semester my girlfriend had a class with him. She gave him my number we met up the following Monday. He walked me to class, held my books. He was the perfect gentleman. Then before we said goodbye at my classroom door He said "you look lovely." Lovely is my favorite word, sounds weird but I'm an English major, what can I say?
Apr 20, 2006
met my husband through a mutual friend when i was still in uni. He was in NZ and i was in Sydney, we chatted on the net for a month and he decided to comeover and meet me in person, after that its like a rollercoaster ! he moved to Sydney and we got married like 2 months later ! and we are still happily married after 8 years ( we got married young ) :heart:


Jun 12, 2007
i looked my husband up in the phone book. after seeing him a few tmes, i asked around, got his first and last name, and just looked him up and called ;)
It was deffinately meant to be, as we have been together 18 years, and have 3 children,including twins.We have never once broken up
He is my best friend :tup:
May 7, 2007
I met my husband at work, I was his boss' PA.

We were both seeing other people at the time but those relationships soon ended and we were living together within months. We were engaged after 2 years and got married in 1997 - we celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary in July!

We've both changed a great deal since we got married - I've lost 4 stone and he's lost most of his hair!!!! We're still madly in love though and have 2 children to show for it!