So, Where & How Did You Meet Him ?

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  1. I met My Husband here in New York City at a friends Christmas Party, It was not love at first sight, I was still healing over a break up with someone else. so i wasnt really thinking about meeting anyone so soon.

    But after excepting his incredible date invitations he managed to really win me over with his persistant charm, he was so attentive, generous, funny and kind. and still is.

    We married a year later. :love:

    How about you ? Where and How did you meet your Man ?
  2. 1994 - met in college, have been glued together ever since.
  3. I really don't remember if we had an actual meeting/formal intro. We were in the same homeroom from 9th-12th grade. Out of the blue he asked me to go on a tennis date. That was 20 years ago and we've been together ever since. Just celebrated our 20th years this past Tues. Yep, we're one of those high school sweethearts. :biggrin:
  4. Dh and I met while he was on leave from the Army in Dec of 2000. We fell in love on our 1st date, when I came home I told my mom, this is the man I'm going to marry. Two months later (feb of 01) we got engaged. We married just a few months later in july of 01. This july will be our 5 year wedding anniversary. I thank god every day that I met him. These last 5 years have been paradise!
  5. Wow, me too, kinda. :smile: I met my fiance in orchestra when I was a junior in high school, but we didn't start dating until I was a freshman in college (was dating other people at the time). We've been together ever since...6 years strong, just engaged! :smile:
  6. I met my boyfriend online...sort of. We both used (and still use) a certain nightlife website, and we used to chat a bit. Then we met for the first time at an afterhours where he was a promoter, and I was totally taken by him. Didn't start dating until 1.5 years later, however, when we finally lived in the same city. A year and three months since that first date, and we now share a cozy apartment and couldn't be happier. :smile:
  7. This will sound made up. We met at a high school party on Valentine's Day when we were juniors. The party was busted by the cops and everyone ran, including us. I left my coat behind. He gave me his trenchcoat. The rest, as they say, is history. This year was the 19th anniversary of that day and we will be celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary this year. :amazed:
  8. Summer 1993. He was a doorman at a nightclub.:love: Three years later we were married!!!:lol:
  9. We met in a Shakespeare class in college. A friend of mine had parties to try to get us together, and it never happened. About six months after the course ended he e-mailed me...we had both just broken up with someone. I invited him to join me at Shakespeare in the Park and we have been together ever since.
  10. I went to a party (that I wasn't interested in going to) with my brother and his wife. I had recently ended a terrible relationship, and they wanted to get me out of the house.

    Carl was there--he was witty, interesting, attractive, and he followed me around all evening.

    My brother and his wife left early, and would not let me leave with them, suggesting Carl give me a ride home. (They knew him well.)

    Two years later, my two brothers walked me down the aisle when I married Carl. (Our Dad was killed a few years before.) I've learned to listen to my brothers!
  11. In 2001 at CompUSA. We both there while going to community college. I thought he was cute, but I was seeing someone at the time. I remember my mom came in the store one day and saw him working the counter at customer service, and she rushed over to me and goes, "Who is that cute guy at customer service? He's so handsome!" :lol: I found out he had a crush on me, too, and we started talking and getting to know each other. We started dating in February 2002. It was hard keeping our relationship under the radar at work, but eventually management found out. They didn't care, though, they thought it was cute and threw us a going away party when we quit to move up here to Orlando :biggrin:
  12. lol mine is going to sound like a lie, but i swear i'm not making it up.

    we met in October 2004 at a University of Georgia football game. i was standing in my sorority's section and he was standing two people down from me, all by himself :sad:. the people that were between us eventually left and i introduced myself. we talked during the rest of the game and stayed to hear the band play afterward, and i thought maybe we'd go get something to eat after (but i didn't say anything - we hit it off and i just assumed). so when we were walking out of the stadium, i was surprised when he told me to have a nice day and went in the opposite direction of me. i was pissed. i had had a really bad breakup 6 weeks earlier and i was really excited to meet someone i genuinely liked (i'm picky).

    well, two weeks later, i'm at another game, and walking down to that same section when who do i see but the same guy - in a stadium that holds over 90,000 people, i ran in to the same random person twice. he seemed happy to see me and we sat together and talked the entire game. he tells me that it's his birthday, and i feel bad that i can't take him out to dinner (i didn't bring my wallet or a purse into the game) but he's very sweet and takes me out to dinner afterwards. i asked him why he didn't ask me out last time and he said that somehow he knew that if it was meant to be, he'd see me again. he didn't want to force it and ruin it. serendipity, i suppose.

    we lived in Atlanta at the time and came back the next weekend to spend the day with me and we decided then and there to date exclusively. He moved to Athens last April and we've been together ever since that night in October.
  13. I was working for a radio station in Alberta - I was going to have my show pre-empted permanently by a satellite show, so I moved to Calgary to look for my next job. I was doing some office work there until I found my next radio gig. My mom sent me $25 for my birthday --- there was a Star Trek convention a few blocks away one weekend and i thought I really enjoy watching the show and the movies and thought it'd be fun doing that for the weekend.

    Well, I asked the guy behind the registration desk where to put my coat - he showed me to a coat rack - throughout the weekend we'd run into eachother and he took my number saying he'd like to take me out when he got back from his vacation that next week.

    He called when he got back and we have seen each other every day since, except when he's been out of town on business :smile: .. We'll be married 15 years in October.

    Live long, and prosper :smile:
  14. Great story! That is so cool :nuts: Congrats on 15 years, that is wonderful!
  15. We met on a blind date! Mutual friends set us up and joined us on the first date. Both my husband and I are pretty shy and quiet people. If we said 10 words to each other the whole night, it was a lot! But, he called a few days later to go out again, and 11 years later, the rest is history!! :smile: