So, what is a great classic black leather bag?

  1. I looked all over today at the outlet and the mall and for a black leather shoulder bag. I did see a black Carly signature at the store. but, eh...I think when you are dressed in black and white there is nothing better than a great black leather bag. I saw the manager if the outlet come in with a new pear canvas Carly which looked great on her, but I an worried about cleaning the canvas. I have a whiskey shoulder slim flap and a espresso and black signature slim flap (twins, lol) but a black leather is beckoning to me. Wish there was a great tote or something new to buy that was not too big. There is one slim flap in black at the outlet in leather, legacy, that would make triplets the same style if it is indeed in know that 1 item that never ships....lock me up I do not do this....please Happy Bunny Day...!!! :rolleyes:
  2. What about a black ergo?
  3. I'm all for triplets - the black flap sounds gorgy to me.
  4. I am all for the black Ali; simple but hip.
  5. Lynn:

    The black patent leather ergo Hobo will be out in May and that is what I am buying. I too need a classic black bag and I think it is sumtuous in the black patent leather. It is also lightweight and won't hurt your back.

    Good Luck!

  6. i agree w/Liz that ergo sound intriguing :smile::yes:
  7. I just purchased a black legacy shoulder hippie today, but the totes are always a nice choice. And that black patent Ergo - that is one HOTTT bag!! So many choices.
  8. My (not so) Little Black Bag is the Soho Large Hobo in black leather. I love it more every time I carry it! It's comfy and, although it holds a ton, it doesn't look that huge. Not too big, not too small. Even though it's a hobo, it's not really very slouchy, so it's less casual and more classic looking - and therefore timeless - than some of the more trendy shapes, and I think I'll be able to carry it for years. It works with ANY of my outfits that black goes with, unless I'm in out-and-out evening wear. Casual clothes, work clothes, date really is a great all-around black bag! I HIGHLY recommend it. I don't think it's available through the Coach site anymore, but I know it's in the outlets, and no doubt you'd be able to pick one up on eBay.
  9. Rainbow, do you want a smaller or larger bag?
  10. signature slim flap!!!
  11. The pleated hobo! Classy!!! Love it!!!
  12. I got it in white at the outlet. I am looking fof a black cute slouchy one. Thanks!!!! :heart:
  13. I want a medium size bag...maybe a tote.. maybe another black slim flap? They only had not know if I could actually nab it....Thanks!!!
  14. You are so right..maybe they have that one..too I have the esperess!!!! Thanks!!!!!:heart: