So, What did everybody buy at SFA's EGC Event?

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  1. ^ Those look so comfy!!
  2. Those are really pretty.
  3. everyone, congrats on your purchases! i ended up getting the C'est moi bootie in teal suede....yaay!!
  4. ^^^cute!

    Shirli, congrats. Those RCs are gorgeous! Courtney, I love those Valentinos as well. Those will look so gorgeous w/ a number of outfits. And, we will be twins w/ the purple suede VPs as well.

    I finally had my Chanel bubble quilt in beige shipped. As far as shoes, I got black eel VPS and purple suede VPs. I also got fuchsia suede new simple pumps yesterday, but no EGC for those b/c they weren't a Saks purchase.
  5. Sdesaye, those are stunning!
    I can't wait to see them on you.
    Simply stunning!:drool:
  6. I need to move to a bigger city...

    Congrats to all of you who scored some fab new shoes!!!
  7. These are so crazy adorable I just ordered a pair myself! Although i got the black, instead of the red, since right now I'm holding out for the perfect red patent red soled pair (trying to choose which style), and I already have too many red shoes as it is. Thanks for posting this pic - and my wallet says to tell you it hates you! Haha!
  8. Gorgeous, sdesaye!!

    Looove the Valentinos...
  9. :heart: those Valentinos Shoecrazy - would you let me know how they fit, I might just have to get me a pair :tup:
  10. those remind me of the pinups...which i adore!
  11. Sorry jh4200! ;) and I will definitely report back on sizing, Chins. Believe it or not, I don't own a single pair of true red shoes (I have one pair that's burgundy, but nothing red) and I've been looking for the perfect pair for a while!
  12. Thanks Shoecrazy :tup: They are such a cute pair, especially in the red. I do already have a pair of red patent Clichys but obviously these have a bow on which makes them totally different ;)
  13. asha i wished you posted more pictures i'd love to see some of your collection!!!!!:woohoo: