So Sad: my Cornflower Twiggy is an Ink City

  1. Following up on some leads, I thought I had a located a cornflower twiggy at Saks.

    I have been waiting all week to get the bag.

    When FedEx arrived I was like :nuts:

    and then I opened the box and was all :crybaby:

    My Cornflower Twiggy showed up as an Ink City :wtf:

    Sigh, I really didn't need to spend any more money anyway. Right?? :rolleyes:
  2. Wow, how'd that happen? There's a huge difference between those two bags. :confused1:

    So sorry you didn't get what you were hoping for - keep looking though, you'll find one.:yes:
  3. The SA sent me a sweet note too. I have no idea how she could have confused those bags.
  4. what? did u charged the price of the twiggy or the city? how weird...
  5. oh no----- somebody's waiting for that bag too! must've been so busy they got switched........ I'm sorry....that sucks bigtime.
  6. No, I got charged for the city.

    I think the SA was just clueless (but very kind).
  7. I've learned to have SAs at NM tell me the exact price of the item they are sending, and also the color code (name, not number) that is in their computer system. I've found that greatly reduces the chances of getting the wrong thing!! acckk!!! so sorry this happened to's happened to me twice!
  8. Wow, that's a bummer!!! How did that happen??? Did you call the SA?
  9. Oh no....well, you can always return the bag, right, since it's not the one you wanted?
  10. Hey there, I think there's a Cornflower Twiggy on eBay now...unless it already sold or ended. Did you see that listing?
  11. That is such a bummer! Well, at least you have those hot shoes to cheer you up!!!
  12. I'm so sorry for you !!!
    What are you going to do ???
    Return it and try to find a Cornflower twiggy ??? Or keep it ???
    Please let us know what you'll decide :smile:
  13. Fiat, good tip! I had her read me the tag "bleuet" but I didn't ask for the price. Next time!!

    Monsoon, yup, back she goes!! As long as they credit the shipping cost, no harm no foul.

    BBag, thanx for the tip :yes:

    Jag: yes, I have the shoes to cheer me up :graucho: and my cc will enjoy a refund for a change! LOL

    FromParis: I will definitely return this but I am doubtful that I can find a cornflower anything at this point :crybaby: I have been in love with the color for ages and ages but never found just the right bag. Well, I did once, but I let the opportunity slip through my fingers.
  14. BTW (and to prevent any weirdness): the bag is being returned to Saks, New Orleas, LA 504 524-2200. Ask for Margot Benson if you are interested. :heart:
  15. Don't be sad I'm sure you'll find one soon !!!
    Pfers always find their HG sooner or later !!!!!!