So much at the store on base!

  1. I was at the PX today (store on Military base) and they had just gotten a shipment I guess because they had SO much stuff!!! I was in awe - sadly I didnt leave with anything, though I SO wanted 3 or 4 things! Almost all of it was on military markdown too!

    I really liked the swingpack BUT its so thin I wouldn't be able to easily get into it (BC of my disability I have limited strength and movement) I did joke and tell my mom I could just buy it to wear it because it was so cute!

    Then they had a patchwork top handle pouch one that I really liked too but the handle was so stiff! I really wish I could get a pouch and put longer straps on it, but to do that Id have to cut the original strap! :wtf:

    Anyhow I just thought Id share my store experience today!!!
  2. Oh I forgot - they also had the scribble wristlet Ive been wanting, but it was all dirty! It was marked down for it, but if Im gonna buy it, it better look fresh!
  3. wow what other things did they have?
  4. I cant even remember them all!

    They had several of the wristlets with the turnlock like this

    There were lots of different signature wristlets. I saw a couple optic ones too.

    They had the denim mini, wristlets, different size purses and slingback.

    They had the patchwork (the one with browns and leopard print) in basically all the different size purses, wallet, wristlet, slingback.

    There were a bunch of the big bags (sorry I dont know the names of them!) and they had the cute scarfs on them.

    Lots of keyfobs!! They had several of the holiday ones left. They had the photoframe pink and silver snap keyfobs. The gold locket keyfob. The heart picture frame keyfob. A boot keyfob. Jeez, I cant remember them all!

    Needless to say, there was A LOT!
  5. Which PX?
  6. This stuff was at the PX on Fort Hood
  7. I wish the PX here would get good deals and Lots of coach. I have only ever seen one coach bag which i bought and it was hiding with the fossil bags. Online you can get theCarly for 278 and if you do a search for aafes onlin coupons you can get one for 20 % off which does work
  8. The one at Travis AFB in Fairfield (CA) had a ton of Coach a few weeks ago - they still had some of the Holiday Patchwork pieces - I got the big zip wallet that I was looking for and they also had a lot of the denim pieces and a ton of keyfobs - even the new Valentine's ones. Their Coach dept has really expanded up there in recent months - they have shoes now as well, but the stock was pretty depleted when I was there.
  9. I havent been back to mine to see if they have the valentines ones out yet. Any idea if they will ever carry the Heritage ones??

    Ours has shoes too - I only know because my friend buys them there. I will have to peak when I go in again to see if they have many.
  10. I miss DH being in the army sometimes because of the commissary and the PX lol.
  11. mama - I see you are near Houston, anywhere near the Woodlands?! Im going down to visit family in April - cant wait!! That mall is the closest mall with a Coach store! lol
  12. BTW I was wrong! There is one closer!

    ANYHOW! I was at the store on base today and there pickings were slim BUT I got my Heritage Pink Swingback for $110! They only had the white and orange wristlets, so I need to keep checking back to get my pink one to match! I was really surprised to see the Heritage line there because they usually dont get much of the new stuff!
  13. I'm up by Ft. Lewis and ventured to the PX last week. I hadn't been in ages and they had tons of stuff! Lots of Carlys, a few Madelines, Ergos, wallets, keychains, and patent gallery totes. They had one mahogany patent gallery tote left, with an additional markdown. It's now mine! I'm trying to decide when to go back and perhaps purchase a leather Carly. DH is getting out of the military so I need to take advantage of the PX while I can!
  14. Abersweetie - thanks for the heads up on the Heritage line - I'll have to check at Travis as I want one of the huge totes and it will be much cheaper there if they have it. If I get up there this coming weekend, I'll report back.
  15. My sister called me a couple weeks ago to tell me about the Coach selection at Travis, too funny! The base is special to was where I was born!