so many sales! i can't decide!


kim should buy...

  1. the patchwork ines in cherrytart!

  2. the little stam in teal!

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  1.'s 25% off sale is ending tomorrow and the bloomingdale's f&f is starting, so it's a great time to buy another bag! i am so decisive when it comes to important things, but not so when choosing a bag. why that is i will never be able to figure out. i'm lucky i have you ladies to help me.

    which bag do you like better?

    patchwork ines in cherrytart


    little stam in teal

    i have to make a choice by today especially if i'm going to be buying the ines. tia!
  2. Patchwork ines gets my vote!
  3. :tup:I LOVE the cherrytart Ines! What a great pop of color in the drab fall/winter season.
  4. cherrytart:tup::heart::drool:
  5. Another vote for the cherrytart Ines!
  6. Cherrytart for sure!! YUMMY!:love:
  7. Cherry Tart! It's gorgeous, eye-catching and not commonly seen.
  8. cherrytart! the red and gold combo def. works. go for it :biggrin:
  9. I like the Baby stam in teal but you can't go wrong with either. :tup:
  10. While both are gorgeous, I'm voting for the cherrytart as well ...
  11. Ditto!:tup:
  12. I think the CT is gorgeous, and the perfect pop of color for year round use.
  13. Ines!
  14. Little Stam is so cute! Go for it :supacool:
  15. I'd go for the Cherry Tart - beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!