SO IN noe and NEW RELEASE info!!!!!

  1. Hey Guys!!!!!!!!!!

    I finally picked up my So noe today....:yahoo:

    But.......there was a new Damier bag coming out in Sept of this year that was totally........:drool:

    And I had to wait list and dont know how Im gonna swing this one but....Its a must have....its beautiful!!!! Take a look;)
    IMG00026.JPG IMG00025.JPG DSCF0026.JPG
  2. congrats! that new Damier bag is :drool:
  3. Cool! hard to see can you describe it?
  4. Bagluvluv... is this style called the premium? do you mind telling me the price as well??

    i hope it comes in azur :p
  5. I'll try...there is a pleat in the front like the stephen bags, mono...and the opening has a zipper and looks like the knightbridge but more femine like the marc jacob bag opening...then it has the leather rolled handles with the attached shoulder strap....its really neat.....
  6. YUM!!! I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE your new bag!!!

    ...and that new Damier bag is TDF!!! :drool:
  7. Its referred to just as handbag pm and gm....thats how it was written on the look book...

    Premium sounds I was looking at the book today at the store..I think it referred to something else but cant be sure...sorry!! It did not say anything about the azur in this design....

    Oh and the price is not set said something like 1420.....
  8. ooh your noe looks fab! love it with the scarf.
    That must be one of the new pleated bags we've been hearing about in the F/W thread, looks very nice.
  9. Wow!! Congrats!
  10. i so love your NOE!!!!!!! love it in damier!!!

    i LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the new damier bag!!! i found my newest lust!

  11. Thanks John!!!!!!! I was so excited about my SO untill I saw the new bag coming out..then I had a second of regret but I felt better after I waitlisted...I have to save up something awful now...ughhhhhh:roflmfao:
  12. Congratulations. The new Damier is HOT!
  13. BOTH of those bags are TDF! Thanks for sharing with us and if you find out anything new on the fall (new pictures/pricing) bag keep us posted!! :smile: Congrats!!
  14. Thanks so much!!! Ill keep you updated if I can....

    Oh....there is the Bosphore coming out in Damier too....
  15. TDF! How long was your wait [if you don't mind telling us]?