So happy and so sad at the same time!

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  1. So I took the afternoon off today..and after doing some errands I drove home a way I normally don't...and saw a sign that a Coach outlet opened like 10 minutes from my house!!!! My closest outlet was like an hour away....and my closest boutiques like 1.5 hours.... Now its 10 minutes!

    Of course I'm not letting myself buy anything but necessities and christmas presents right now...which is a bummer.

    Which leads me to my sad news... As part of my plan to reduce spending and cut debt I decided *GASP* to sell some of my HUGE selection. Its the first time I've sold any of my pieces... The first one went today....I just took it to the UPS store... So sad to see it go.

    So long Green Suede Carryall...I'll miss you!
    Photo 63.jpg
  2. yay 10 minutes!! thats like nothing.. holy moly! the closest one to me is about an hour.. lucky!
  3. 10 minutes?! Wow! So sorry about the bags that need to go though. :sad:
  4. It is hard to let go of bags you love, but it makes room for new ones :yes:
  5. Aww, completely understand about having to "downsize".

    On the upside, 10 minutes to an outlet is amazing!
  6. Downsizing is good, it allows room to upsize!
  7. The outlet is 20 mins from my house! TOO tempting! :drool: I tend to downsize as well, especially if I find a new Coach that I like!
  8. Wow 10 minutes from your house? So lucky. You have to make room for the new bags you will get.
  9. Ten minutes....That's too much temptation.
  10. I would get in too much trouble with an outlet that close to me, my nearest one is 4 HOURS AWAY!!!! Don't be sad about downsizing, now you have room for many many more!!!!:smile:
  11. It takes me about 45 min to either Lahaska or Reading. I read that some developer is trying to put an Outlet Shopping Center in Limerick. I am having visions of what stores I would like to see in it.
  12. Well I'm sad because I'm downsizing and not planning to BUY right now... Although I did hit the Leesburg, VA outlet while I was at my aunt and uncles this weekend and ended up buying a hair scarf and a passport wallet (they're brand new and super cute!).
  13. aww hugs

    just think by selling some bags and reducing the size of your collection
    each of your remaining bags will in turn receive more of your love
  14. Very true!!!! And now that the money's coming in...thats not horrible either.....plenty of cash for Christmas shopping now!
  15. shellbell it will be ok. I'm right there with ya!