1. Wow! That's gorgeous!! But that price??!!:wtf: Are they serious??!!:wtf:
  2. Well each charm is $2.5k plus the steamer ones are over $5k each and the bracelet it self is push $8k or more by now
  3. i don't see how that would ever sell on eBay.

    it's cute but i think diamonds are better (haha!) or obviously something practical like a car or bills .... or a dozen new bags.
  4. i wanna how heavy my wrist is gonna turn to if this baby is on~ :P
  5. Woah, that's sooo cute !
  6. LOL the arm the bracelet is on will be super buff!!
  7. awwwwwwwwwwww
  8. cute, but the price...
  9. cute but the price not that cute..
  10. OMG!!!! I am so taken aback... holy moly... makes me feel okay about a ring that I bought that I really shouldn't have....whew.
  11. So cute, but... the price :wtf: I know the charms/bracelet probably add up to that, but I still could never justify spending that much. And I really doubt an eBayer will be willing to shell out that much for a bracelet on there... unless they really have that much money to burn. I always look at it as a little risk when I buy something on eBay, I've been able to justify up to $1000, but I don't think I could justify $37,000.
  12. It's stunning but I would never pay that much! That could be graduate school next year! :wtf:
  13. :wtf: Waaaay too expensive. It's nice but the price is shocking.:wtf:
  14. :wtf:

    why, i could get my mazda 3 on that price! i could even buy one more for my dad or maybe an infiniti fx35.
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