SO bronze vernis bucket

  1. Is this the one from this thread? Hmmmm. I see it's been marked up a little, of course...

    Oops, scratch that. This one is petit, the one in the thread was the larger size...

    Why would the petit one be priced more than the regular one at the store then??
  2. Absolutely gorgeous! The vachetta is so light!
  3. [​IMG] oh my...
  4. Wow! The bucket looks soo nice in that rich bronze color, and the contrast against the light vachetta is TDF!! Anyone going to get it?
  5. eBay, lol.

    Yes, the large one is 2500.00
  6. lovely!!!:love:
  7. :drool: That color is just... amazing.
  8. I like it but I have a feeling that it won't patina well.
  9. ^^ I was thinking the same thing!
  10. I have a bronze reade pm with patina and it's gorgeous :biggrin:
  11. I like it.
  12. yeah I just saw that too, it's very pretty
  13. it is pretty :smile:
  14. Greeeat! Is it SO for US only?