So...about the 2008 re-release of tokidoki

  1. Do we have any news? Is it confirmed? Do we know anything about prints or bag styles? I'm desperate!!:crybaby:
  2. i spoke to a manager at LESPORTSAC Ala Moana and she said that it is confirmed that they are only going to re-release one print....and it's going to be FORESTA!

    I asked about the others and she said just Foresta. Aww, here I was thinking TAN PG! Oh well...better then nothing.
  3. :confused1: foresta....? yea i guess its better than nothing
  4. OHMIGOSH!!:party:
    Are you sure? Are you serious? Do you promise?!?!!!! :nuts::nuts::nuts:

    Considering 3 minutes ago I posted this:
    I hope LeSportsux doesn't let me down!! And I hope they re-release all the bag styles!!
  5. really? mmm I'm excited now...and when is this foresta coming out?
  6. It does make sense that they re-release Foresta since that was the most popular print and it was sold out in the stores. And it never made it to the outlets.. But I wish they also re-release others too, but Foresta is good...:yes:
  7. Tokiloca I wanted that Ciao too - frikkin' Sparkle! :roflmfao:
    I really hope they re-release Foresta! I love it and it's practically impossible to get unless you are willing to pay an arm and 2 legs. :p
  8. I love the Inferno...wish they were re-releasing that one since $$$ was an issue for me when that one was out...
  9. mcnyc, have you called any of the outlets yet? All their Inferno is 40% off.
  10. yaaaay~~ i don't have anything in foresta yet and i was hoping to find a caramella >___<;; i'm trying to get every print that i don't have as a purse/bag in a caramella, and i've NEVER seen a foresta caramella before!
  11. i'm probably gonna go nuts when this is released unless they up the prices.. i know i want at least 3 bag styles & 2 accessories :biggrin:
  12. I know. I was hoping for a Ciao Ciao, but I think all are sold out. I might just get the Ciao Ciao in a Pirata (hoping for a placement with the pirate monkey).
  13. eek!! when in 2008? how long are we going to have to wait?!?!!!!!!!! :nuts:
  14. So is this confirmed re-release of Foresta only going to be in Hawaii? Since the reps on the mainland seem to say there won't be any re-releases...

    I would LOVE to get a Foresta zucca!!
  15. Yay that's great news if LeSportSac follows through =)

    Does anyone notice that it's a bit of a challenge to find the purse type and the print placement you want with the new purses out now? Maybe it's just a socal thing....I know it's a task to find discontinued styles and print placement, but the new ones are just selling so quickly. I'm thinking if the Foresta print is re-released, it might be a little crazy to get the one you want. I would be nice to actually pick one out in the store but they are flying off the shelves (the good ones anyway)!