Snowboarding / Mammoth, CA --- help!

  1. I decided to let my BF pick out what we're doing for Spring Break, and he picked snowboarding at "Mammoth" in California. So, in less than a month, I'm going to be... very cold. I'm getting really scared. This really isn't my idea of a dream vacation, but he loves snowboarding so I'm going to try to humor him.

    1. I'm from Hawaii, have never seen snow falling, and have only seen it on the ground two other times (on Mount Rainier and in Norway, both in the Summer). I know I need special clothes (snow pants, etc). Have any of you guys ever done any snow sports? Is it fun? I'm afraid I'm just going to freak out when I see snow... and want to play in it. For 30 seconds. And then run inside for hot chocolate.

    2. Has anyone been to Mammoth? I was looking at hotels in the area, and TBQH, they look a little scary. I was hoping to find a 5-star, but there doesn't seem to be one in the area. They have some "rustic cabin" things and some poorly rated "resorts," but doesn't give any of them good ratings. :sad: Is there another good snowboarding destination I should try to talk him into? One with a spa, preferably? And a Louis Vuitton? And nice restaurants? *wink*

    Hope some of you snow bunnies can help me out!
  2. Hi Emily! I live in Colorado and it is currently snowing like crazy! I love the snow and my family loves to ski. I have never tried snowboarding, but I know many who have and think it is great fun. I would recommend taking a lesson, espically for snowboarding and, if it doesn't work out, trying skiing instead. You will definately need snow pants and jacket, good gloves, googles, hat (helmet if snowboarding) and ski socks.

    I have never been to Mammoth...but there is a LV in Aspen! ;)

    I bet you will have a great time! Good luck.
  3. Is skiing "easier"? Especially for someone who's never had any interaction with snow? I'm pretty nervous about not just being around snow, but also trying to do something on it... ;P If that makes any sense. It's like someone who has never seen the ocean trying surfing... just seems odd to me.
  4. why would you not wear a helmet when skiing? they both involve about the same risk, and you go faster on skis. you can never predict what people around you are going to do even if you're the best skier in the world.

    i'm not sure if skiing is "easier" since i've never tried snowboarding, but i prefer the idea of facing straight down rather than sideways. and i like to keep my legs separate, but then again you can't cross your legs accidentally on a snowboard which you can do on skis :lol: i don't know if you can really compare but i'm sure someone who's done both will come and tell you! i'd like to try snowboarding but i'm really put off the idea of being a beginner now when i've been skiing since i was three.
  5. My brother has a snow board here at home if you wanna try! LOL

    I would have to say all those things above are important and shoes/boots are the most important.
  6. I keep thinking.. all these clothes I'm going to have to get... I could probably finance a LV. lol!
  7. Are you actually going to partake in the great outdoors or stay in?
  8. you don't have to buy your boots, renting them makes much more sense, especially since you might find they're uncomfortable and want to switch after a day. and of course you can rent your snowboard. and helmets even in most places.

    the other stuff you might be able to find on sale now (although probably not in hawaii!) or in outlets. it's easy to come by cheap ski clothes if you look for them. i don't :shame: because i ski so much and the things i like very rarely make it into outlets.
  9. I'm going to try, I guess. He's so good to me... I want to humor him on this one, KWIM? It's going to be hysterical. I'm a ballet dancer, but... aside from that, about as athletic as a... cooked spaghetti noodle. I used to go to ballet with my LV bags, danced in air conditioning, and sipped drinks between combinations. Snowboarding and... other snowy things... seem a lot more rugged...
  10. Well, I dated a skiier in college in Oregon...that wasn't so bad...but then I went hiking at Picos de Europa in Spain in the middle of March and that was soooooooooooooooooooo bad! I do love snow though. Just be long as you're good at going limp, falling, and rolling you should be okay. I found that my flexibility from gym and dance was very helpful.
  11. I agree with the idea to take a lesson. That way he can go off and be Mr. Big Snowboarder while you do that and you won't feel pressure to keep up with him..KWIM? Also, make sure you stay somewhere that has a heater in the room, not just a freekin fireplace that you have to keep going all day and night..
  12. oh you absolutely MUST take lessons unless your bf is actually an instructor. having people you know teach you.. ummm.. doesn't work :shame: people get frustrated and angry, and i know that if i tried to teach someone now i wouldn't remember what it was like to be a total beginner, and techniques change all the time so the way i learned to ski isn't much like the way they teach you now since skis have changed so much. don't expect to be great after one lesson, you'll need more than one for sure, especially since you aren't used to snow. but it is lots of fun so just relax and don't get too worked up about it!
  13. My DH and I take our kids to Mammoth couple times a year and spring break is the best time to go IMO. Weather during the spring break is usually so nice my kids snowboard without the jackets. The new *Village* is a very nice complex to stay (I don't think they have LV yet). We stayed at *Juniper* condo year ago and the unit was nice also. Rental fee for nice units close to the slopes canbe very steep. I think we paid little over $8000 for 5 night stay during the peak season at *Juniper*. The unit had 3 bedrooms. Mammoth Mountain Inn has hotel rooms and condo units and they are little less expensive. We sometimes stay there. I personally don't do any outdoor activity but still enjoy Mammoth. Have fun!
  14. Skiing & snowboarding are so much fun. If you have any experience surfing, you might be able to pick up on snowboarding quickly.
  15. I highly recommend Park City, Utah!