SN, GF and Xquisite's meet-up...!

  1. Xquisite, GF and I met up on the weekend!:nuts: We spent at least a couple of hrs at Hermes. We all chatted over coffee and tea first and then went in for a full assault. We didn't have any cocktails, which was probably a good idea otherwise the CC would've been in deep trouble.:roflmfao:

    It was really great to finally meet-up in person. Both are fabulous gals,:heart::flowers: so beautiful and funny! It was the BEST day!!!:yahoo:

    I bought a few small things and typical of the way I shop, by the end of the day, I forgot exactly what I had bought, lol. I'm like that. I just go, "I'll take this, I'll take that" only to completely lose track of what exactly it is I have "taken".:lol:

    Here's my small loot for the day. A full scarf, a cashmere/silk scarf, pocket square, tribord rings, white epsom isthme, couple of lanyards, and a Marly bracelet.


    As for what the other gorgeous gals bought, I'll leave it to them to reveal.:graucho:
  2. :yahoo: Sounds like fun!!! Love everything you got!
  3. Heheh, thanks H! You know, when I was looking at pochettes, I actually thought of you! In my head, I was like, "Hmm.. this one.. I think H might like", Lol!
  4. glad you ladies had a blast! Looove your loot!!! :yahoo::yahoo::heart:
  5. Great to hear nice stories...some nice goodies you picked up too!
  6. Love your loot!! So glad you ladies had a great time.
  7. Sounds like you had a lot of fun !! :heart::heart: Any group pictures ??:P:P
  8. You lucky girls - and what lovely purchases. :love: :heart: :love:
  9. That's so cool you all got a chance to meet up!! I hope to oneday meet some of you, too, and go Hermes shopping!!

    Congratulations on all your goodies, as well as congratulations to the other two.

    Did you all leave something for others to buy that day, b/c that is some loot you got there and if the others did the same purchasing:nuts:
  10. What FUN you must have had!!!! Wish I could have been there too....I love to meet fellow PF ladies! And love all your lovely purchases....I think you have the same cashmere/silk scarf that I have...."Zingaro"? Mine is in the Red color-way and I love it!!!! Used it all through Italy on my trip....fabulous scarf! Love everything, SN! Will you girls meet up again???
  11. How cool! I can't wait to meet up with Pf'ers too!!!

    Love all the buys Serenity!
  12. Lol! There's definitely still tonnes of stuff left. So many scarves and a few bags that were soooo so tempting!!! It's hard not to say "I'll take it!" to more things.:sweatdrop:
  13. D, yeah it's Zingaro!!!:nuts: I saw this b/w one back in Sept and was not quite sure how to wear it as I was not familiar with the 70cmx70cm size. But I saw your red one in a post somewhere and thought, I must give it a try! Glad I did coz I love it! I think it's one of my favourite scarves now. My store had quite a limited range of these silk/cashmere scarves but hopefully they'll get more stock in closer to Christmas. I wouldn't mind checking out the mini Brides de Gala one in the A/W 2006 catalogue.

    I hope we will get a chance sometime down the road to do another meet-up. You know K is such a character, right? Lol! And Xquisite is so funny too!:lol: I think next time, we should head to Queensland! Hmm, I reckon Wongnumber should come for that too as she has a thing for surf dudes.:roflmfao:
  14. Gorgeous loot SN! Glad you had such a great time!
  15. Let's see the bracelet on you! Looks nice! :o)

    Lovely items SN!