Small or Medium Agenda in Mandarin?

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  1. I would love to get an agenda, but I can't decide if I want the small agenda or the medium agenda. I definitely want it in Epi-Leather Mandarin Orange color though. Is that even available? It's not available on elux, but I was thinking about checking normal stores.

    Which size do you find the most comfortable to use? Are they very big and bulky?
  2. I love the small agendas. I only have vernis, but I think Epi would be an excellent choice. Not sure if you can still find Mandarin try 1 800 vuitton and they'll let you know. I have seen them on ebay before.... good luck! good choice!
  3. I would say medium. I have a kate spade agenda right now that's the size of the small one and it's too small for me. drives me nuts. i decided i wanted something for substantial and with more room to write everything down.

    then again i use the zippy groom organzier for my wallet so i like bigger pieces.
  4. Personally, I love Small Agenda...looks cute.
    But the Medium one would be easier to writh sth down.
    In my country, Thailand, there is no the Mandarin Epi Agenda at all :sad:
    I hope you find one soon!!!
  5. I have the small mandarin epi agenda. I love it! I think I got the last one on eluxury (got it last week)!
    If you do a LOT of writing, it might be a little small. I use mine as a wallet, so it is perfect! I got the calender insert and some small plastic folder things from for it.
  6. I would recommend the medium size because it's really hard to write on the small agenda. The medium will be more practical :smile: I have the cerises agenda (small) & it's really tiny. It's nice if you are going to just use the small one as wallet.
  7. I would get the medium.
  8. I got the medium and I find even it is a bit small, next time I will get the even bigger one.
  9. Definitely medium. It's so much easier to write in this one, though the small is really cute.
  10. get the big one
  11. i have the black epi in medium and it is a perfect size for me. it is easier to write in compared to the small one. go for the size that would work for you. good luck!