small Drew bag yes/no?

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  1. I noticed this bag since Fall 2014, but I was a student and couldn't afford such expensive bag. So I even went to Zara and bought a similar one! ;p

    Now I'm considering order a size small in color white (I'm 5 ft 2, and the small size is approximately as same as that zara one so I think it will work for me).

    Is there any pros and cons or any experiences you could share with me? Or is there any better alternatives?(such as Loewe mini hammock?)

    Thank you! ;)
  2. It's a beautiful bag. I dont own one but I've seen tons of videos on it. Classic style & good size. The only con people have is the lock is annoying to open ... depends on your style too. Try on in store if able. Good luck!
  3. I have the bag in cement pink. The bag is very cute, but I sometimes I regret my purchase...
    I think the color doesn't suit me. I have the bag in cement pink but I not really a "girly" person. I wanted to buy the bag in the off white color but it was a limited edition (I think it became permanant now).
    The closure is not pratical, but I think the closure makes the bag look cute. The hardware of the closure of my bag gets scratched easily. Also the strap is not very confortable to me.
    Maybe if I had the off white or the back, I would loved the bag more.
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  4. I really like my small Chloe drew. It’s black with silver hardware. I get compliments every time I carry it.
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  5. I love the design of the Drew and it‘s classic style but I wasn‘t sure about the wear and tear.

    Many of the preloved bags I have seen look pretty worn-down especially the suede ones.

    The leather is soft and slouchy and the look of it is lovely but it tends to wear out.

    Also the chain is quite uncomfortable though I can‘t deny that over all the bag looks awsome.

    So I decided to pass because I was afraid I would regret my purchase after a few months or years of wear.

    With the release of the Drew Bijou last year all my doubts have been eliminated. I love the leather strap and the structure of the bag itself bit still the hardware is a problem.

    After only one day I noticed several scratches but I decided not to care about and just use it.

    I would not recommend the Drew to anybody who wants a bag looking as new for a long time.
    If you don‘t care just buy it - it is a beautiful bag!
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