drew bag - loose the shape ??

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  1. hey guys
    I love the drew bag. I think I will get the mini drew.
    but I worry about the quality a bit .. hold you bags good after using them for a while?

    I saw some weird pics of the drews shape. did you noticed that too? or does it depend on the leather ?
    it looks like it loose the shape :/

    first pic. like i looove it
    second pic. ....?.. :sad:((

    thanks a lot for any reply !!

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  2. The chain broke on my 5 month old Drew Bag that I carry occasionally. I contacted Chloe, they sent me a return shipping label to have it repaired, and that was THREE MONTHS AGO. They are the worst at returning my emails and I finally reached out to FarFetch where I bought the bag to help intervene. I will most definitely NOT purchase another Chloe bag based on this experience and similar stories that I've heard. Buyer beware!
  3. i think the ladies in the 2nd and 3rd pic pulled out the "wings" of the bag deliberately. Don't do that and the shape should remain unchanged. Of course, make sure not to overload the bag as well.

  4. what ??? that sounds horrible !! I mean their bags are so expensive :///
    I'm so sorry to hear that :sad:

    can you tell me the other stories? are there many bad stories of the drew quality ??
  5. Did they repaired your bag and returned it back to you?
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