Small Black Patent Betty - Look for her SOON

  1. I have decided that I just DO NOT need to keep my small black patent Betty so I'm dropping her for return today back to NAP. She was part of the recent sale and only $750.00 so I'm sure once they process the return she'll be back on the site soon so check for her.

    I hope someone here will pick her up and enjoy!!

  2. if anyone is doing this with a paddy (i.e returning one that was on sale) pleeeeze let me know :heart:

  3. Cough Sputter, what's this Need word floating from your finger tips girlie? It's WANT, get it? As in I WANT my pacifier (errr purse) NOW.:p
  4. :roflmfao::heart:
  5. I always think the same when ever any other posts here reference a NEED, if you NEED a black bag you can get on at Target right! But I want the baby Paddy in Bois and I want the black Bay. I really think it's more of where the H*LL will I put them all? I also have a mini want obsession with LV.