Sky blue or sky blue?:)

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  1. hmmm .... is it possible that the two sky blue bbags differ so much in shade or is it just a matter fo photograph? never seen that colour in real any help much appreciated!:confused1:

    THANKS! :heart:

    ps .. the third one with someone`s hand ... different again...but might be fake asked seller about more pics and she said she doesnt have any!! please!!!!

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  2. i think it's just the lighting
  3. ^ also FADING.. the one w/ authentic_LVlady is faded (still BEAUTIFUL though_=)
  4. The first pic is how it should look brand new or hardly used.
    This is a pic of condition.
  5. ^^ yup, that's how it should be
  6. one of my friends has a faded sky blue city... i actually prefer the color that way!

    judging from the padded bag pics, i think 07 blue glacier looks somewhat similar to a faded sky blue, so im gonna be keeping my eyes out :graucho:
  7. I have a sky blue twiggy and it photographs differently depending on the light. I would be worried though about a seller who is not willing to provide additional photos of anything especially an expensive bag.

  8. i know !!!! what kind of attitude is that ??? even though her feedback is ok there is not a chance im buying this one :yucky: hate ppl like that ... :sweatdrop:
  9. If the seller can't provide additional pictures of the bag I would really doubt that she has the bag at all - I would never buy under those circumstances.

    This color is on my list of someday to buy - it's so gorgeous! Peggy
  10. Sky blue is so hard to photograph. Depending on the lighting, it looks light blue, turquoise or a true sky blue...But that's the beauty of this color :love:
  11. i think all bbags except black and white are hard to take pic...the true color is really difficult to capture :smile: