Skin Type Solution - Anyone???

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  1. Has anyone here read the Skin Type Solution by Leslie Bauman?

    I bought it @ B & N this week and have already done my little quizzes and pinpointed my EXACT skin type, it's very interesting.:idea:

    Anyone? Anyone?:wondering
  2. i read it in costco. i am waiting for it in paperback. i want to read it all the way through soooo badly!!!

    was it worth the hardback price? i have a gift certificate to barnes and noble, but couldn't decide between this or getting 4 books i wanted just as much. so i didn't get anything. :smile:
  3. ooo, maybe i should get that. i have combination skin - even in the same SPOT it can be oily and dry at the same time, and i'm more or less at a loss for what exactly needs to be done about it. the makeup counter ladies and the aesthetician at the spa i go to recommend things, and some of them have worked for small stuff, but never the overall problem.
  4. Amanda, this book is fab! She even gives product recommendations from drugstore to couture prices.

    ilzabet, B & N has it 20% off right now, I paid around $17 for it.
    I already went and bought 3 of her recommended products.
    My skin is combo - my cheeks are dry and get red easy and my T-zone is oily. She asks very comprehensive questions to really pinpoint your specific type.
  5. i'm gonna have to buy that next time i have a day off, it sounds like it might be exactly what i need. my skin is so combination that although my t-zone is oily, the skin riiiiiight above my eyebrows is, between my t-zone and my eyebrows. there's not supposed to be any space in there! ahhh!
  6. LOL! Me too, mine gets itchy! :rollingeyes

    Looks like we have more in common than our name!
  7. wow the book sounds awesome! I have to check it out when I am in Border's tomorrow!

    I have combination also, but can never really find the perfect moisturizer. I sure hope this book will steer me to the direction of finding one!

  8. Sounds like an amazing book. I have a credit at amazon because they ran out of a book I needed for one of my classes. I think I might get it. Thanks Swankymama!
  9. de nada! :smile:
    Let me know if anyone gets this and what they think!
  10. I should get this book! I've tried millions of products and it seems like nothing works!
  11. We need Clanalois to pre-read with an expert's eye then tell us whether or not it's worth it! Calling Clanalois!
  12. Is she a dermatologist? Aesthetician?
  13. ive never tried it...where can you get the test??
  14. She's in med school to become a derm! She gets to go to fun derm conferences with chocolate fountains...
  15. bijou, the quizzes are in the book.
    SO cool about clanalois, that's a great career path!!