Skin Type Solution - Anyone???

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  1. I purchased the book last month, but haven't gotten around to using/reading it. I'm a little annoyed that it's now on some bestseller's lists (i.e. discount). Anyway, I'm glad that the book sounds great.
  2. Thanks SwankyMama-I bought the book and found my skin type (Whoo- was that quiz long or what???) and am just looking for some of the products. Found a couple, but will have to order others on line. She lists skincare products I never even heard of. Good tip-thanks again:biggrin:
  3. Cool! What's your's?
    I'm a DSNW {I think}
  4. I took the test this weekend...I think I'm an OPST.
  5. Where I work, they have a medical spa. I just went last week and had microdermabrasion done. The Aesthetician recommended Replenix products...
    They do feel nice on the skin and I have the T zone also...

    I was wondering if the book mentions any of the products I bought???
    Replenix?? Or maybe Clanalois knows about it?

    I bought about four products from her and want to go back and get a few more. They are 50% off her at the medical center where I work until the end of April....
  6. Somehow I completely skipped this thread...I am going to order this book because I have been trying several different products throughout the past couple of years and I have not noticed any changes. :sad2: Hopefully this will help me...

    Thanks for the book recommendation Swanky!!! :biggrin:
  7. I'm an ORPT-The books says it's "The Glowing Skin Type" :amazed: When I read that I thought-What? Glowing? - except for my wedding day and pregnancies-nope never noticed a glow. Was super suprised to hear that.
  8. Oh wow! You're the complete polar opposite of me!
    Mine stands for
    Wrinkle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Looovely!
    I was a little suprised by mine because for my age, I have almost ZERO wrinkles and I didn't realize how dry my skin is considered by Dermatologists.
    Enlightening indeed!
  9. Hey SwankyMama,

    After reading your thread, I ordered the book from Amazon (I think it was $14)...anyway, I took the test a couple of times. (Mainly because she gave caveats to certain answers, so I had to redo it). So, I think I'm the same as SuLi, and the opposite of you. I just ordered producst...have you been using your products. My skin is actually pretty good -- I usually get compliments on it! So, we'll see what happens!:biggrin:
  10. I have changed at least 3 of my products and honestly . . . .

    I HAVE noticed a significant improvement in my skin!

    I thought I had good skin too! LOL! I had NO idea I was close to off the charts dry and sensitive! :-0
  11. Thanks for the rec Swankymama. I'm going to B and N tomorrow, so will def check this out and report back. My skin is ok...but I still get breakouts sometimes, PLUS I'm starting to get a few wrinkles around my eyes. Somehow I never thought I would have BOTH....
  12. This is kind of unrelated, but I have VERy oily skin which can get dry and scaly in the areas beside my nose on my cheeks and in between my eyebrows.

    I never stuck with one moisturizer for long b/c they just didn't work until I found H2O's Face Oasis. It's a gel, so its oil free and is very hydrating. Now I don't look like an alligator anymore! I highly recommend this product b/c it's not that expensive and works really well.

    BTW I totally don't work for H2O:nuts:
  13. I definitely need to find this book, because my skin is such an enigma to me, so finicky, I wish I understood it better!
  14. I haven't used any of the products yet....waiting, sadly, to finish what I currently use (I can't just throw away Clarins!). But, I did purchase some of the recommendations for my skin type, and I'm having trouble finding one thing, which is totally frustrating! Ugh!
  15. Maybe I should get the book. I have always struggled with my skin- it seems to be worse lately and it just annoys me! I'd love to hear what skin type I am...