Single Ladies - Season 2 - May 28th

  1. Didn't like it...Stacey Dash's presence is definitely missed!
  2. When she left girlfriends, it ended. Imagine Jill and Stacy together? The show would have possibly given SATC a run for its money. They do need a fourth girlfriend on Single ladies.

    I hope they re-record and bring her back asap!
  3. :p

    didn't get a chance to watch yet, but this made me lol!
  4. I agree, they are missing the sassy, spit-fire girlfriend. Jill would have been a great addition to the cast.
  5. it wasn't too bad. it's not like it's an amazing show to begin with so not having stacy was ok for me. i think i'll keep watching. :smile:
  6. This is kind of my thoughts too. It's light and easy to follow so it will stay on my DVR list. lol
  7. The new chick doesn't really have a spark, at least not yet! Not really feeling her, "whoa is me, I get everything I want and I can't choose" attitude.
  8. I was hoping this episode would be better, so far they put her in an aqua blue cotton tee and pants, like a 12 year old child.
  9. There's so many fine men on this show. It's enough to distract me from some people's lack of acting skills and the writing.
  10. ^Agree! Last night was definitely a feast for the eyes. I totally was not thinking about the acting (or lack thereof). T. Tilford is so so yummy and William Levy is just...dayum! LOL.
  11. I agree with you on this except for the whole April and her va-jay-jay storyline! Showing it to everyone? Yeesh!
  12. I miss Dashilicious :] I would have said bye bye to April.
  13. they both had me getting hot and bothered. or maybe it was the cheap sparkling wine i was sipping on.
  14. i was perplexed because i don't know what a beautiful "Honeypot" looks like.
  15. I'm choking on my bottled water, so just quit before you make me aspirate! :roflmfao::roflmfao: