Single Ladies - Season 2 - May 28th

  1. Show sucks. I used to live for it. Don't like Lisa rays or her new hair cut. Poor acting and poor cinema which allows you to notice the poor acting.
  2. Oh yeah I will still watch cause I like queen latifah and I will support her.
  3. HAHAHA omg! You are too funny!!!
  4. i too am not feeling this season either

    but ..
  5. ^im sorry but that s*** is messy. And totally unnecessary.
  6. Very. This Might be his last gig. If not for running his mouth but karma.
  7. This...

    [​IMG] the person that works in casting on Single Ladies. His/her selection of the male eye candy on this show is just ridic!
  8. I can just hear D.B. saying all that in his monotone Malcolm voice.

    I am so confused on the numbering of these episodes on On Demand!! I think I watched the season premiere because they introduced Raquel (?) I got so lost and I think it sucks that they (the actors) have to explain the back story on the actual show. (LisaRaye saying why she hated the girls fiance...) I couldn't even watch it!!
  9. Sooo Malcolm moved n pretty quickly
  10. That's what I thought too, but the timeline on this show is so all over the place...The way Keisha acted, I thought it was a few days after the previous episode, but then she said they broke up 2 months ago??

  11. The new girl is Denise Vasi who played Randi on All My Children. She's a pretty girl and the show seems to be going well so far without Ms. Dash.

  12. I'm always confused.
  13. did anyone watch the most recent episode where Denise Vasi (raquel) was wearing a white drapey asymmetric cami with black pencil skirt? anyone know where that dress or top/skirt combo is from? I need it!
  14. @Shihfan= The show's stylist used to be on Twitter last year answering fashion inquiries, google it

    and where are they finding all of these straight, eligible black men in Atlanta who are D&D free to be doing all these one week stands, cause last I checked Atlanta was mostly about that rainbow!!!!
  15. don't like how raquel is playing charles. he's such a cutie and is nice.