***SINGLE FLAP finds***

  1. I thought we should have a thread of the spottings of the last of the single flaps.


    BG has
    black patent jumbo shw
    black patent maxi shw

    Hirsh has
    grey patent jumbo shw
    brown lambskin jumbo ghw
  2. Great idea NYCavalier! Thank you!
  3. Thanks..pls keep posting it!
  4. Grey patent jumbo :nuts::nuts::nuts::nuts:
  5. BG also has a black caviar maxi shw ---> single flap!
  6. Chanel boutique in Chicago also has single flap black patent jumbo
  7. James in Boston Bloomies has a single flap maxi in brown washed caviar w/shw.
  8. Saks Indianapolis has a lambskin maxi in black with ghw
    Totally gorgeous single flap!!
  9. Saks NYC has black jumbo caviar shw, black maxi caviar shw, black maxi lamb ghw.
  10. Saks in St Louis has Maxi single flap caviar both in GHW and SHW as of three days ago.

    NM Fashion Island has Maxi single flap patent with SHW.
  11. Has anyone seen a single flap in black caviar with shw anywhere? My aunt is looking for one.....please pm me if anyone anyone spots one. TIA
  12. Chanel Boutique in Bondi Sydney has Jumbo Caviar SHW with single flap !
  13. I saw 2 Maxi Caviar SHW & GHW with single flap at Neiman (Boston) 2 days ago.
  14. Thanks for the leads but any jumbos in the United States? TIA
  15. I saw 1 or may be 2 jumbos caviar at MN (Naticks Mall in MA) while I was looking for a maxi lambskin.